The secret to true greatness

Proverbs 16:32

He who is slow to anger is better than the mighty,

And he who rules his spirit than he who takes a city.

We are used to celebrating the achievements of great men, who have fought and won in battle, and rightly so, but there is another kind of victory that is even more to be celebrated, and that is the inner victory of self-mastery.

It doesn’t sound glamorous, but it is highly significant. If you can rule your emotions and tame your tongue, you are right at the top of the list of people who are great! If you can bite back the nasty words and keep your mind disciplined to where it doesn’t run riot when the pressure is on, you have won a weighty victory.

One mistake that we have made in church, is turning Christianity into being all about the songs and the preaching and the lifting up of our hands, when God is after making you and I into the image of His Son.

Are you pursuing that end today? Or have you re-written God’s agenda in your life by focusing your Christianity on a different goal?

Your internal accomplishments are more significant than your outward accomplishments; yet it is easy to concentrate on achieving outward goals while you have turmoil on the inside. Can it be that the internal turmoil is detracting from external joys? Can that be why so many people love to have noise going on all the time? They have their music on, or the TV, or else they seek out the company of others to validate them and block out the unresolved questions on the inside.

The real fights that you and I deal with are on the inside, and the real substance of life is about ruling your spirit. That is why the strongest place to live is the place of tranquility.

However amazing you are, you are still under construction. You must understand that all of life is in many ways a fight, and that the biggest battles in your life will not be with your neighbor, but with yourself. If you help others at the expense of yourself, both you and your neighbor will suffer in the long run, because you will never mature. Maturity doesn’t come with age; it comes with the acceptance off responsibility, and so we must assume responsibility for what is going on inside and make working on our inner strength and character the highest priority of our lives.

I don’t know about you, but every time I go to pray about my wife and what I think she has done wrong, He starts to talk to me about me! It seems unfair, but I have to accept that, if I sometimes feel like I live my life in a strait jacket, it is because I have asked Him for so much! Greatness never goes on sale, and if you are being processed differently from others who seem to get away with things, don’t complain, but recognize that what you have asked for from God is undoubtedly expensive. It will demand certain disciplines and you cannot afford to be slack.

How ready are you to let God have His way and train you to manifest the character and nature of God Himself? I am praying for you that even today you make significant progress in becoming who God intends for you to be. Peace be with you!


Heavenly Father, today I yield to your dealings with me on the inside, I thank you for your amazing plan, and that you have destined greatness for me. I am so blessed that you believe in me and that you give me the strength to rule my spirit and to walk in self-mastery.

Thank you that today I am making progress. Today I believe that I will see signs of success and that you encourage me and empower me to win every internal fight that comes. I am more than a conqueror because of your great love! Thank you, Lord.

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2 Comments on The secret to true greatness

  1. Hallelujah I thank God for giving me strength and wisdom to be more than than makes a conquerer. Glory be to God.

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