It’s time to shine

John 17: 22-23

And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one…. that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me.

Getting to grips with the love of God is not as easy as it sounds. The Father’s love for us is immense; in fact, He loves us exactly the same way that He loves Jesus!

We don’t receive an inferior or smaller portion of God’s love and devotion than Jesus Himself, which means that anything God does for Jesus, He is prepared to do for you and me! The quality and quantity of His love for us is the same.

Not only that, but the same glory, which God gave to Jesus has been given to us. He does not keep us down or keep us small, but, as well as experiencing His love, we are also given the ability to make a mark on this world and to shine with that glory that He has given us.

God has held nothing back from us! The same glory and the same love belong to us. Just take a moment to savor that!

Notice the result of our receiving these things: that we can become one with one another.

That means that in order to have the kind of relationships that God intends, we must receive the love of God and rise up to manifest the glory of God.

If we don’t receive love from God, we cannot give any out, because God is our source. He isn’t one of our sources, He is our only source. Our spiritually bankrupt state as humans means that our souls are empty of unconditional love until we receive from our Heavenly Father. When we receive His love on purpose, we are equipped to love others in peace, because the love we show to them comes from the love God shed abroad in our hearts.

But there is another facet of our lives that must be attended to for us to truly walk in love towards one another, and that is the glory of God.

You will never be able to become one with other people if you don’t manifest your own glory, and if we don’t see your brilliance, because your sense of inferiority will cause you to fight with the people around you. If you don’t feel that you are as brilliant as others, it isn’t because they are better than you, it is because you haven’t discovered your own brilliance yet.

Remember that the same glory that God gave Jesus, He also gave to you, so it is not the case that you were left out! Every believer is destined to shine and stand out. When you know that you have your own glory, you are OK to be around other glorious people, without competing and feeling less. Now you are ready to become one.



Heavenly Father, thank you for loving me the same way that you love Jesus. Thank you that your love is impacting my life afresh today as you show me your goodness and kindness in so many ways.

Thank you for not withholding any good thing from me. Thank you that your glory is all over my life and I am destined to shine and stand out. From this day onward, I expect your glory to manifest in my life. Thank you for the awesome portion that you have given me.

Thank you, Lord!

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4 Comments on It’s time to shine



  3. Amen and i ‘ll shine on this special day which is my birthday

  4. I am destined to shine, Amen.

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