Why Christians have the hottest sex

Song of Solomon 7:10

I am my beloved’s,
And his desire is toward me.

Despite the popular belief that the “forbidden fruit” of sex outside marriage is the most exciting and fulfilling, the truth is that sex within a long term, covenant relationship causes every other experience to pale into insignificance.

When sex becomes just an act – even within marriage – it becomes something far less than what it was intended to be. Sex is not something you do; it is a place where you go – and you only go there with the one person you are married to. It is exclusive and exciting. You are the only one who gives themselves up for the other. You carry one another to a different place. It is a taste of heaven.

So many people have engaged in sex, but have never been transported.  So many people have had sexual experience, but it has been shallow compared to God’s design.

The desire for sexual intimacy is like a fire within us; if your mind doesn’t process it, it will consume you.

The majority of people who mess up with all kinds of sexual perversions, do so because they failed to accept how sexual they are. If you make sex your focus, your strength will be drained, and your purpose will suffer. In fact, your productivity in life will be directly proportionate to your ability to rein in and channel your sexuality.

I have great respect for single people who master themselves and take control of their bodies, but if you are single because you prefer to be a player than commit, it’s time to recognize that you have settled for something inferior. Extra-marital sex is ultimately empty and lacking emotional depth.

Commitment doesn’t diminish sex, it adds to it. Christians who are ready to give their whole selves to their marriage partner enjoy the best sex of all.

Who told you that living longer with one another means ending up living with your sister?

We can want what we already have with passion; we can intoxicate ourselves with one another and experience a fulfillment that is unparalleled.

The secret lies in planning a night when you are going to give yourself to your husband or wife. You have a sense of anticipation about the appointment you make. If you are tempted to fuss and get angry with one another, you stop yourself, because you are looking forward to your appointment and you have made a decision to have a great time together.

Make it creative, imaginative and fresh. You have a license to enjoy one another with full access. Make of it everything you want!

Pray and commit

Heavenly Father, I take you at your word that sex is your gift and it belongs to me within marriage. Thank you that you will take me to the place in my life where I can enjoy sexual relations in the fullness of your design and intention. Help me with my sexuality, as I commit to doing things your way. Thank you for the grace to live out my intended purpose without getting pulled off course by the fire on the inside, and thank you for your goodness to me in this area of my life.

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4 Comments on Why Christians have the hottest sex

  1. I wouldn’t have a better daddy, !!!
    We prosper in every
    That is elshaddai way.
    Thank you pastor

  2. Babalola oladunni mariam // June 10, 2014 at 8:37 am // Reply

    wow, your blog blesses me. i feel connected to your ministry.

  3. Lillie Washington // June 10, 2014 at 11:32 am // Reply

    The love of my life met me 8 years ago at a restaurant where he worked. We chatted a bit small talk. As I prepared to leave, he asked to see my hands. I looked at him like he was crazy literally. So, he reached down and gently grabbed my hands. He carefully inspected my hands. He then compared mine to his. He looked me in my eyes, told me I was his soul mate and walked away. I continued to look at him like he was crazy and departed. Eight years later, he reached out to me via phone. He tells our story better than me. I’ll leave the rest for him. You will meet him one day. Today, we can’t wait for your many publications, CDs, blogs, social media posts as we prepare to spend the rest of our lives together. The Lord will continue to give you/Pastor Star the wisdom and strength to help others like you/Pastor Star are helping us in Jesus name. It’s our HARVEST time. Thank You & Pastor Star!

  4. Lina meleck // August 14, 2015 at 5:15 am // Reply

    Even thought I am not married, posts like these from wise men and women of God give me a good picture of what a healthy marriage is supposed to be. Thank God for your wisdom pastor.

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