How to become unstoppable in life

Romans 4:20

(Abraham) staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief, but was strong in faith, giving glory to God,

Life is designed to rob you of hope. It sends a storm that is enough to quench your natural strength and tame you to the point where you receive instructions from your circumstances about what outcomes you can expect in life.

Have you learned to live with disappointment? Is your underlying conviction that what you try will not work?

A major key to overcoming unbelief is to realize that unbelief is not just a lack of belief – it is impossible to believe nothing! If you don’t believe what the Word says, you believe something else. If you don’t believe that God is your healer, you believe you are subject to sickness. If you don’t believe that things will work in your hands, you believe that God has sovereignly chosen not to help you!

If you don’t believe that God is perfecting everything that concerns you, you believe that He has forgotten about you. There is no midway option; at every juncture life demands that we decide what we will believe.

I refuse to let life tame me, and you should too. Like me, you were born to set your own sail and not be driven by the winds of life. Even in the face of much trouble, we still refuse to stagger at the promise of God. Staggering affects forward motion, but the secret that changes everything for you and for me, is that those who stay steady on the Word will be carried forward by it even when turbulence is all around! Glory to God!

You will never make it in life if you will only believe what you can see. You must imitate the faith of Abraham, who, natural hope being gone, fed His hope by focusing on what God spoke to him. Whatever you are facing, find out what the Word says about your situation and then let God speak to you about that Word until your fearful expectation for your outcome changes, and instead you have Bible hope.

You see an end that is filled with goodness and success, and because you see yourself holding your promise, you are unstoppable! God will surely perform the Word that you have believed!

If anyone has a right to be healed, to be anointed, to be wealthy, to be successful, to be sound, to have relationships that fill your life with peace, and to shape a generation with the Word of God it is YOU!


I declare that today I refuse to yield to unbelief. I refuse to believe anything apart from what the Word says, because my destiny is to be a force to be reckoned with. I am unstoppable because I believe God, and all things are possible to those who believe. Things that they said were impossible for me are coming to pass in my life because I believe your Word! I declare that this is a season of manifestation and increase in Jesus’ name!

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5 Comments on How to become unstoppable in life

  1. From this day forward, I Kevin Clarke am living life unstoppable and consent to this declaration.

  2. Lord, I believe, Amen

  3. Hollison James // February 25, 2017 at 4:49 am // Reply

    I believe God can do what He says in His Word. I just need to trust in Him no matter what I see in the natural that does not agree with what His Word says

  4. Amen for that powerful word that encourages.

  5. Amen ,i believe and receive in Jesus mighty name !

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