Being at peace and finding good

Job 22:21

“Now acquaint yourself with Him, and be at peace;
Thereby good will come to you.”

Do you find yourself chasing good things in life? Good things are supposed to be yours, it is true, but there’s a way to lay hold on them without the need for a chase. Believers are not supposed to sweat to win. As God’s people, we are Kings and Priests, and He has commanded blessing to come to our house, but we’re not going experience it by chasing; it’s going to be as we come into a profound and intimate knowledge of Him.

How well are you acquainted with your God today? Do you hunger for Him day by day, or do you meet Him on Sundays at church?

Are you caught up in a love relationship with Him, or are you more concerned with doing the right thing according to His commandments?

There is a need in our lives for a profound knowledge of God. If you have religion based on obedience without relationship you are probably more bound than an unbeliever. The word “religion” means to go back to bondage, yet it was for freedom that Christ set us free. How come we can be so bound? The issue lies in the nature of our relationship with Him.

If you are trying to run your relationship with Him based on your feelings, or what seems best to you, you will stay in the outer courts, instead of entering the holy of holies where you belong. Your relationship with Him must be on His terms, and it must be based on your revelation of who He is. Without a revelation, we can’t relate to Him rightly.

This is opposite to the world’s way of doing things. In the world, and even in some churches, it is God who must be made acceptable to man, but in reality, it is man who must adapt and come to God to be made acceptable to Him.

It is as we relate to Him rightly, peace floods into our souls and lives. As we yield to Him and worship Him, He makes sure that we experience good.

In fact, if there is any area of your life where there is trouble and mess, it is without a doubt an area where you have meddled and taken control. Your mind is working overtime to find answers and to work out the best thing to do next. You don’t know God in that area of your life.

Decide to yield to Him in that area today. Worship Him constantly for His goodness to you in that area. Thank Him for His faithfulness to you in that area. See Him as the one who bring peace and blessing into that precise area of your life today!

Pray and meditate

Heavenly Father, you are the author of all that is good. Thank you for revealing yourself to me as my Lord and Savior. I acknowledge that every good and perfect gift comes from you. Right now, I yield this area of my life to you and I praise you for giving me peace, wholeness and success in the place of trouble.  I commit myself to knowing you in this area and I thank you for revealing yourself as the Lord of all my salvation. Thank You, Lord!


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2 Comments on Being at peace and finding good

  1. Amen for that God is love and I love him he is my life too.

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