The power of being at peace with yourself

Galatians 5:14

For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

Just as we do, Jesus experienced rejection from men. He is touched with the feelings of our human weakness: it is traumatic to be despised and lightly esteemed, because it attacks our sense of self-worth.

Even worse is when we treat ourselves that way.

Some people hardly have a good word to say about themselves. If you agree with every criticism made of you, it is a sure sign that they just confirmed what you, yourself were thinking.

If you don’t like yourself that is the hardest life. If someone else doesn’t like you, at least you can go home, but if you don’t like yourself, you go home and you are there.

It is impossible to give to another what you don’t possess. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you make a positive contribution to the life of another? Make sure that you know you have something to give before you invite someone else into your life, otherwise you will drain them of all their strength as they seek to keep you afloat as well as themselves!

Christians sometimes believe that to be down on themselves is a sign of humility, but in fact, when you bring nothing but depression and inferiority, you are bringing unwanted elements into someone else’s life. If you are happy within yourself you bring strength, and you give the other person the advantage. You will only love your neighbor to the extent that you love yourself, so settle it right now, that in order to fulfil the command of God, you will have to stop putting yourself down!

How are you doing with yourself?

Come to terms with how God made you because that is where your rest is. Understand that you were made for purpose and start pursuing that purpose. As you do so you will stop feeling like a misfit.

Until you think, “It is OK to be me,” you will never be at peace in your life. Stop agreeing with every negative voice that tries to dismiss or criticize you and pursue peace with yourself. If you need to, step out and make peace with others if you know you caused them pain.

Decide to start liking the individual things about you: your body shape, your voice, your hair, your color, your origins, your strengths. Stop trying to dress, behave and sound like someone else. Find out, “What kind of things do I like?” And be happy about it!

Decide that you are enough. Start behaving in a way that builds your sense of self-esteem. As you see yourself laughing with others, being kind and compassionate and taking a lead in lifting others to higher ground, you will be proud of being you!

Your life is not a rehearsal. This is it – Embrace it!

Pray and declare

Heavenly Father, Thank you for how you made me. Thank you that I am unique and special and you chose me for your own, precious possession. Right now I decide to be happy with who I am, and I believe you that you will show me why you have wired me like this and made me this way. I turn away from self- depreciation and decide that from this day onwards, I am at peace with myself, and I commit to loving others the same way. Thank you for your grace to help me every day to be the person and the character that you want me to be.

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3 Comments on The power of being at peace with yourself

  1. Amen pastor have just ministered to me.

  2. Amen for that powerful lesson thank you for teaching me to appreciate myself instead of instead of critising and looking down upon myself I am now appreciative of what I am.

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