Get ready to celebrate your come-back!

Genesis 29:31

When the Lord saw that Leah was unloved, He opened her womb

When the Lord saw what they were doing to Leah, He did something about it. What a wonderful God we have! Everything that you are crying about, and everything that is keeping you awake at night, He sees.

He sees when you were mishandled and made an outcast, and just as He acted on Leah’s behalf, He is working on perfecting everything that concerns you.

Notice that the Lord acted by opening Leah’s womb. God will do more in your life based on what you didn’t get; He does more in your weakness than in your strength. When you win, you might get confused that you are the reason for your success, but when you lose, you ask the real questions about who you are.

Every adversity has a greater seed of opportunity in it. The plan of God is to bring something awesome and glorious out of every loss you suffer. Just like when King Uzziah died and Isaiah saw the Lord, God has something new and exceptional for you in every place of pain.

Don’t stay crying about what they did to you, or about what you lost, recognize that God rescues you from every pit where you find yourself and sends you to the palace. Don’t sit and nurse your wound for years, because God sent Jesus to heal your broken heart. Don’t let setbacks keep you down and convince you that you don’t have what it takes; every setback is God’s set up for a far greater come-back!

Star by stirring yourself up with the Word today, confessing who you are and framing your world with the words of your mouth. Whatever happened, God will use it to your advantage and raise you up in a way that you could not have imagined! Peace be with you!

Pray and declare

Father, because I am one spirit with you, and my identity and nature are settled by who I am in Christ, I declare by faith, in full assurance of your power in my life:

I believe God and I believe in myself, in my future and in my ability to make a difference.

I trust the promptings of the Holy Spirit and I am able to follow His leading even under pressure

I look for positivity in every single thing that happens

I treat people the way I want to be treated – I am loyal and I lift others to higher ground.

I am too awesome to compete – I create!

I am strong enough to outlast the tough times in my life, and I am grateful for God’s goodness always

I am a responsible person. If I mess up, I clean it up

I forgive those who hurt me and I live with no regrets because I give my best

I speak up and stand up for myself because I am just as worthy as anyone else. I don’t take foolishness and complain later, because I am equal with all men

I value people more than I value the things that they bring. Someone else’s life will be better because I lived!

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1 Comment on Get ready to celebrate your come-back!

  1. Thank you Lord, Amen.

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