How to build a future you will like

Psalm 25:21

Let integrity and uprightness preserve me, For I wait for You.

The most important thing you can do in the time when you walk this Earth is to build great character. Character is more important than accomplishment because without it, the external things are empty and unfulfilling. Good character is the real reward in life, and in fact, your future security and happiness will be determined by the character you build now.

Most people don’t pay too much attention to what is going on inside them if the results they are getting outwardly are OK. As long as they are getting favor at work, keeping the family happy, enjoying a great vacation once or twice a year and staying out of the red at the bank, they don’t give too much thought to what they are having to compromise to make it all happen. In other words, as long as they have the reputation for being a success, that is all that matters.

But this is a temporary illusion, because only what you build with character will survive the storms of life. When the heat is on, everything that you build on a lie will fall.

Not only that but just as God Himself is our inheritance (Romans 8:17), we are HIS. (Isaiah 19:25) Just think for a moment, will God feel swindled when the deal is complete? Will He feel like He got a raw deal? He gave up everything, but the people of God were chasing cars and houses and all manner of things that would not last, when the real prize of life is Christ-likeness.

It’s time to move from looking right to being right in every department of life. When we are tried by life, we want to come out as pure gold, not burnt up like wood!

Take a look at this short character checklist today and pick one to work on. Remember that God is with you to give you great success as you do so:

  1. Truthfulness and honesty – you undermine your whole life without it.
  2. Consistency – the ability to stay the same. You consistently love the kids and show up for work on time. Every day you pray and read the Word and give yourself a heart check up to make sure you still love people.
  3. Endurance – you are committed for the long haul. You don’t jump at the least hiccup but you decide “I have invested too much to just walk away.”
  4. Compassion – How do you treat people who are vulnerable to you, and who you can violate with no consequences? It’s easy to kiss up to the boss, but what about the mailroom staff?
  5. Humility – How do you esteem others? Is your life all about you?
  6. Loyalty and faithfulness – You decide, “I am here come rain or shine” and you give yourself wholly to the significant people in your life
  7. Courage – the ability to face difficulty or danger without losing faith or conviction.


Pray and decide

Father, I decide right that I want to be an authentic human being, walking in integrity and building great character. My greatest purpose in life is to embody Jesus in the Earth and to represent Him in all my ways. Right now, I ask for you to help me in overcoming things that make my character weak. Thank you for empowering me, helping me and being merciful to me, to cancel the consequences of my poor choices and to give me a fresh start. Thank you, Lord!

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3 Comments on How to build a future you will like

  1. Amen for that powerful word of wisdom for success in life thank you Pastor may God richly bless you.

  2. Hallelujah powerful words of wisdom for life God bless you and family Pastor.

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