The table is set

Psalm 23:5

You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies;
You anoint my head with oil;
My cup runs over.

Did you realize that you are not surrounded by challenging circumstances because you are going down; but because every enemy you face has been summoned to witness the table that God has set before you?!

If your enemies haven’t revealed themselves yet, you are not ready to eat, but if enemies are all around, you should be celebrating! That is why the Apostle Paul wrote that he glories in tribulation in Romans 5:3 because he knew that something else was going on at the same time! A table was being set for him right at the place where the enemies showed up.

It says of the people of Israel, that the more the Egyptians oppressed them, the more they multiplied. The more life is trying to afflict you, the more God will increase you. The more things try to take you down, the stronger you will become.

When things are tough, you don’t faint. If sickness persists you will have to stay with the Word, but you don’t give up. The temptation to give up without even a fight is the spirit of hopelessness and we do not yield to it. It makes you hand over your goods in discouragement and fear.

Maybe you gave up the chance to go back to school because you failed as a teenager, but now you are thirty and you are stronger than you were back then. Go for it again.

Maybe you gave up the opportunity for the job because you didn’t think you would get it, so you didn’t even fill in the application. Fight for your future again.

Maybe you gave up on your marriage before you even tried, but looking back you realize that it wasn’t even that bad; but you just didn’t know better. God will give you another chance at a relationship.

Today it is time to rise again and let the spirit of courage take ascendency, the same spirit that was in Joshua and Caleb when they declared that they were well able to take their inheritance. God is preparing some things for you, so take hold of a new anointing of strength and might today so that instead of getting weaker, your cup runs over with the blessing of the Lord! It is yours by covenant right!


Thank you Father that you are preparing for me a table in the presence of my enemies.  I believe you that you will honor me with my greatest breakthrough yet!

I command the fear to attempt the impossible to leave now. I summon the courage that only comes from the ONE who is ABLE to come upon me so I can do exploits. I declare that instead of retreating, I will now charge my future knowing full well that victory is assured because the greater ONE lives on the inside of me and that He is directing my path. Thank you, Father that I can go for your best, because my season is NOW!


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2 Comments on The table is set

  1. Amen for that I thank God for providing for me abundantly.

  2. Amen for that powerful word I thank God for blessing me abundantly

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