How to enjoy being you

There is something very powerful and compelling about a person who knows their worth and enjoys being themselves. Every Christian believer has a right to live this way, because we have access to the knowledge that God formed each one of us on purpose in our mother’s womb, and each one of us has a unique purpose on the Earth.

It’s a blessing of God to be able to enjoy being yourself, and to be at peace with who God made you to be, but often we have to overcome some things to  be able to arrive at that place. There are certain things in life that we have no say over, such as the circumstances of our birth and the influences of others over us when we are growing up.

When we are born we do not automatically know ourselves. The feedback we get from significant others in our lives are powerful to shape our self image. That is why as a parent you should refrain from labeling your own children as anything negative, because you shape them to be that way with the power of your words and your negative expectations. If you decide that you have a problem child, that is exactly what he or she will be!

People will always have an opinion about you, but if you let them have the last word on who you are, the chances are that you will end up believing that you are smaller and less significant than you really are.

Negative self image is the greatest cause of personality disorders and relational dysfunction. Not only that but you can’t even relate to God properly if you reject and hate yourself. If you struggle with trusting God, it might be a sign that you have an issue with self-rejection.

You may know the fact that God loves you, but until YOU believe about yourself that you are worth loving, His love will be unable to get through to you.

Similarly, others may express love and appreciation towards you, but if you are continually suspicious about the authenticity and motive behind what they say, you cause them to either have to fight you, or else to agree with you that you are no good. This does not make for happy relationship!

The Word says this in Romans 9:20, “But indeed, O man, who are you to reply against God? Will the thing formed say to him who formed it, “Why have you made me like this?”

The fact is that God has a right to make you and me exactly as He pleases, since He had a purpose in mind when He did so. The key to moving to a place of being at peace with ourselves and liking being the person we are, is understanding our “why,” or in other words, gaining insight into our unique purpose and contribution.

If you don’t celebrate yourself, others will not be drawn to celebrate you. However, if you change your conviction about yourself, over time others will have to either agree with you, or exit your life.

When you accept what the Potter did with the clay, you can rejoice in being you and know that you are perfect for God’s use. You accept the value that God has placed on your life and you are no longer dependent on others to tell you who you are.

Decide to go on a voyage of self discovery. Decide to find out from God who you are and why you are on the planet.

Stop being a shrinking violet who is waiting to be discovered by someone. You must know enough about your strengths to be able to put forward confidently your abilities and accomplishments. Know what kind of people you want to roll with and show yourself friendly. Your ability to decide that you like being you is the key!


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2 Comments on How to enjoy being you

  1. Very empowering post. Loved it 🙂

  2. Amen, this is Awesome, good Word!

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