Winning is your birthright

It may seem like a contradiction, but resting in God is WORK!

As long as you are alive, God is not done with you. He never supports failure and He doesn’t give grace for no reason; He has an amazing plan with your name on it.

When things look like they are not working, you must understand that is just your perspective. God is working on giving to you your expected end, so the question is, “What are you expecting?” The thing that you focus your mind on, talk about and expect is shaping your tomorrow.

Whatever has happened in the past, whether good or bad, we cannot afford to be complacent about our future. We don’t let life just happen to us, we create it, because we recognize that Heaven has incredible new realities stored up for us. We must keep our minds stayed on the promise of God’s goodness in our lives.

We are not those who begin to make small plans when we hit a challenging season, as if God is dead and unable to move again in our lives! We are not sissies who cave in and quit. If losing is an option for you, you should deal with that thought NOW! Don’t entertain it a moment longer, because God has made you the establishing witness over your own life. It will be what you call it, because you are made in the image of God. Just as God gives life to the dead and calls those things that are not as though they were in order to bring about the tomorrow that He wants, so do we. (Romans 4:17) It is not over until you say so, but once you say so, it is indeed over.

If we are going to get what we desire, we are going to have to create it. I am struck by how many believers do not want to be a part of their own miracle. They want someone else to pray, someone else to lay hands on them and someone else to make what they want appear out of nowhere for them!

You can either sit there hoping that you will win and you will get what you long for, or you can decide right now, “I win!” You have the name of Jesus, the blood and the anointing, so it is time to take what you have and use it, by getting to talking about what God will do. Start saying, “I am victorious, healthy and satisfied. God supplies for my every need and my every want. He is the Lord my shepherd and whatever happens, I get results!”

We don’t live filled with panic and fear, but we discipline ourselves to focus on His Word and to believe it on purpose. When our back is against the wall, it is not the bright lights, or the liveliness of the social group, or the entertaining aspects of church that will sustain us, it is the knowledge that God is still fighting for us and we have been given victory as a gift. For that reason, we rest in His promises, not because it is easy and we are relaxed about it, but because we CHOOSE to believe Him, even in the most challenged areas of our lives.

Remember that winning and coming out on top is your birthright! Remember that God will never mismanage your life and stay in faith.

My prayer for you today is that the Lord would accelerate the manifestation of your promise and expected end. I pray that you will not finish this year in defeat, frustration, stress or anxiety because the God of the breakthrough will visit your House and your family.

I declare that today the angels are making haste to deliver to you the package that Heaven has dispatched in answer to your prayers. Though you may have been delayed, you will certainly not be denied.

I decree that before the year ends, you will definitely have the last laugh because God has saved the best for last in your life. This time God will prepare a table for you in the very presence of your enemies. Blessing you as always. Peace be with you.



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10 Comments on Winning is your birthright

  1. Thanks for your wonderful encouragement,as always Dr. Mumba. I believe and I receive.

  2. Hallelujah amen and amen for that praise be to God that word was meant for me.

  3. Awesome, anointed Word. Thank you.

  4. I believe I shall have the last laugh before the end of this year. I win!

  5. Dr Ramson Numba thankyou for the words of encouragement.

  6. Thank yuu Pastor I’m holding on to that promise

  7. Indeed winning is my birthright

  8. Amen

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