How to win when you have run out of options

Regardless of what it looks like to you right now, God is still working in your life. If you will stay in hope and expectation of His goodness, He will still raise you up, He will restore to you the years the locusts have eaten, and He will still make all your dreams come to pass because He is faithful to His Word.

Throughout my life I have been amazed at God’s capacity to do those things in the midst of overwhelming impossibilities. He always causes us to triumph!

No matter how frustrated you feel, God will take the very things that the enemy meant to use to destroy you, and He will turn them for your good. God is for you and your entire life is a set-up for His glory.

Whatever, you do you must stay in faith that God’s power will still show up and that He will show you incredible kindness and favor. Believe again because the last thing to die about you must be your hope.

It’s easy to talk a good talk when things are going well for you and you get the promotion, the man of your dreams asks you to marry him and you can see increase in your life before your eyes, but when you back is up against the wall, that is when you must make the choice to keep believing. Amazing things are in front of you, so go again – just one more act of kindness; just one more prayer of thanks to God: let the devil know that you are NOT taking instruction from your circumstances!

There have been many times when I have not known what God could possibly do to come through for me, but I have learned that if I stand He will do it. Believing like this is not easy; you must discipline your mind to keep it stayed on the Word, and you have to stay defiantly determined that you will win!

Sometimes it looks like God really hasn’t got a clue what He is doing and you are sure that you would be able to manage the situation better, and yet when this has been the case for me, in the process of understanding that His wisdom is greater than my natural wisdom, I have learned to trust Him. He is good at being God! Don’t whine about what you think should be happening right now, leave Him alone and let Him be God – you focus on doing your part, which is to keep your mind stayed on the Word! Decide, “I am not going to be moved by what I see. I stake my life on the integrity of God’s Word!”

Looking back at my life, I can see the hand of God now in the things that at the time, I cried about. God can always be trusted!

I discovered that the best way to counteract a challenging season is to start to dream again. Get a vision of a better tomorrow. Stop meditating on what is not working, and stop imagining your worst-case scenario and planning your funeral; believe GOD to see HIS answers. Start dreaming about what it will feel like when you have your breakthrough. Don’t let discouragement and depression seize your soul. Think about the things you will do when the Lord raises you up to bless humanity.

However hard it seems to accept, believing is a choice. You can believe that the devil is stronger, or you can believe that God will do it again in your life. Before you start making small plans for your future, remember that you can travel in your imagination. You may feel like you don’t have options and you are in a place of confinement, but nothing can stop you from imagining something different from what you are facing. That is how we change things. Like an architect, we build with our mind and imagination and then God shows us how to put it into practice.

Regret will not change anything; wishing you could have done it better will not help in the least. Don’t stay around places that constantly remind you of what you think should have worked and what could have worked but didn’t. You must do what you can today to get a tomorrow that you like. The past is gone and cannot be changed and the future is just an idea; today is the only day you can act on, so make sure you do something today to create the new realities you want.

You are not going to finish in shame or defeat. A crown of victory awaits you and me. We don’t act in panic and fear as though God is dead. We make a point of believing that God is for us and we will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

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3 Comments on How to win when you have run out of options

  1. Yes Lord Yes

  2. Amen Men of God.Thankyou for The word of encouragement

  3. I believe, I am not finishing in shame or defeat in Jesus Name! A crown of victory awaits me.

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