How God re-writes your story

Let me ask you this question today: what are you hoping for?

Having a strong sense of hope is vital for life. In fact it is a characteristic of human beings that without confidence that their expectations will be satisfied, they have nothing to look forward to, and even today is a sour experience.

Many people; even believers, live their lives without a happy expectation of good in their future. They know the Word, but the experiences of their lives have challenged their ability to hope in the Word. People come to a place of hopelessness because they have been forsaken before. They tried and it didn’t work, so they park their hope and grit their teeth to accept an average life.

Maybe like the Shunammite woman, in your heart you are saying to God concerning His promises, “Don’t lie to me, because if it doesn’t happen as you said, I don’t think I can handle it”

Life can knock the stuffing out of you! If you been rejected in relationships and you’ve been alone for so long you can give up hope that you are worth pursuing. You are tormented by the question,” Would a man of honor give up everything just to get me?”

 Hopelessness can come as a result of being helpless. You’ve been trapped in big issues and you feel so small compared to the things you need to shift in order to go to where you feel God has called you.

Maybe you’ve been around people who all ended up dead or on drugs; or you were raised in an environment where mediocrity and being average was the order of the day. Yet something in you makes you believe that you are a giant in the earth, but a voice inside you says, “What makes you think you are that different?”

Maybe you are hopeless because you’ve been in a controlling environment or an abusive relationship? Maybe a disability or a particular social structure is keeping you hemmed in and you have found yourself forced to submit to circumstances that you know you are better than.

Maybe you have been given a terminal report and in natural circumstances by all accounts you should be preparing to die. How do you even begin to entertain the thought that you could be different when everyone else who has been through what you’ve been through died?

How can you even begin to believe that where your marriage is, God can restore to you the love and passion, instead of concluding, based on what you’ve seen everyone else do, that this is the end for you.

When people in the world encounter these things, they give up, but we have a different option. The Holy Ghost wants to rewrite your story. We are born again so that we can have a living hope.

 That’s what it means to be saved, because God sent Jesus to heal your broken heart; to do in you what you couldn’t do for yourself; to restore to you the time: the years that the locusts have eaten.

God can make up for a lost childhood. He can restore to you what the enemy took out of you. He will do it by the operation of His Holy Spirit in your heart. He will take away the hurt before bitterness sets in and your body in turn starts to manifest all kinds of auto-immune disorders.

But if you come at God based on your natural circumstances, or you go to a church where they deal in natural hope, and you do not even know that you can literally wait on God just like you wait on the doctor to experience His anointing power in your life, you may miss Him altogether. You may know all about what He can do, but you will not experience His power in your life because you are looking to your own strength and will power to manifest the Word of God in your life.

I am asking you to look outside of yourself for the source of your hope. Focus your attention on the power of the Holy Ghost, who will come upon you and orchestrate something fresh in your heart. Let your ability to dream come alive once again because it’s time to rise up and get a new vision. The challenges you have faced are working for you a far more exceeding weight of glory and you are not a victim of all that has been.

God Himself is the foundation of our hope and expectation. Whatever had happened and wherever you have been in life, I guarantee you that it is not too late for God to refresh you and do something entirely new in your life.

Where did you park your life? It’s time to take it out of “Park” and put it into “Drive”, as you let the Holy Ghost re-write your story.

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11 Comments on How God re-writes your story

  1. very poweful!!!

  2. Reblogged this on Isaac Madengu and commented:
    Great read

  3. CECILIA CHIMFWEMBE // August 12, 2014 at 3:10 am // Reply

    Pastor, thank you so much for these profound
    Words of encouragement.
    I really thank God for your life, a day hardly
    Passes without me being strengthened by
    Your daily posts on face book & emails.You are not directly my pastor in terms of me belonging
    to your Church but I have taken you as my personal pastor and spiritual Daddy. That’s why I can hardly contain my excitement about
    What God is doing in my life and in the lives
    Of so many people world wide through you.
    It is always my prayer that God who has called you to serve him will continue to strengthen you and satisfy you with long life. You are such a blessing to our generation!
    Lots of love,
    Cecilia Chimfwembe.

    The Lord Is My shepherd I Shall Not Want…..


  4. I have a living hope, praise God! What an awesome Word, thank you Pastor.

  5. That’s good, rewrite one’s story, our tongue is the pen of a ready writer, Psalm 45. Sg

  6. Bunda Mwenya // August 13, 2014 at 2:03 pm // Reply

    I just want to say thank you for the message that says, Rewritting Our Story. It came right on time, because I just lost my job and was slowly slowly sinking in the problems I’m facing financially and my mind was on pause wasn’t thinking very well, until I read this message it changed the way I’m dealing with the situation…so thank U & may the Lord continue to bless U with more word of wisdom..

  7. Just what I needed. I shall take my life back and walk in Jesus’ Name. Amen

  8. This is wonderful,amazing and helpful, it give sense of trust God in whatever situation we are going through,its a proof that there is a living God to those of us that we believe in Jesus Christ, God bless you as always.

  9. God continue to inspire you

  10. Thanks for those profound words…I believe it is directly from Heaven and God is using you for this time and season…always blessed by your posts…so uplifting and encouraging…God bless you!!

  11. I needed to read this today more than any other day
    What a powerful reading

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