Winning over rejection

Isaiah 53:3

He is despised and rejected by men…..He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.

Just as we do, Jesus experienced rejection from men. He is touched with the feelings of our human weakness: it is traumatic to be despised and lightly esteemed.

Even worse is when we treat ourselves that way.

Some people hardly have a good word to say about themselves. Everything that people throw at them are then confirmations of their own self proclaimed prophecies. And their profound sense of inadequacy and insecurity poisons what could otherwise be an awesome relationship with a significant other.

It is impossible to give to another what you don’t possess. Make sure that you have something to give before you invite someone else into your life.

When you bring nothing but depression and trouble, you are bringing unwanted elements into someone else’s life. If you bring strengths, you give the other person the advantage.

How are you doing with yourself?

If you don’t like yourself that is the hardest life. If someone else doesn’t like you you can go home, but if you don’t like yourself, you go home and you are there. Are you your own issue?

Come to terms with how God made you because that is where your rest is. Understand that you were made for purpose and start pursuing that purpose. As you do so you will stop feeling like a misfit.

Until you think, “It is OK to be me, ” you will never be at peace in your life. You will always accept the criticisms others throw at you, because deep down you agree. But when you agree with God about yourself, you will brush off the criticisms and rejections.

If you pursue peace with yourself, it is a process. You have to start liking the individual things about you: your body shape, your voice, your hair, your color, your origins, your strengths. Stop trying to dress, behave and sound like someone else.

Find out, “What kind of things do I like?”

Get to the place where you know that you are enough. If someone else doesn’t think so then maybe they are not enough for you. If others reject you, you no longer personalize it, because you understand that their rejection says more about them than about you.

Your life is not a rehearsal. This is it – Embrace it!

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1 Comment on Winning over rejection

  1. Thank you Pastor Ramson, it’s through your teaching, unconditional love and friendship that I have found (and still learning) this to be true.
    I thank our Wonderful Lord Jesus for allowing us the privelidge of knowing you. I love you x

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