Empowering men to win

One of the great contradictions of life is that the nature of a man is to be out of control, but he is also wired with the potential to be outstanding in achievement and accomplishment.

A man who will strive until he gets his strength under control, and who turns his focus towards defeating life’s challenges, instead of being a terror to those who love him, is about to achieve true greatness!

It is easy to say you are male, because you are born that way, but it will take considerable effort to become a man. When excellence is your objective, please know that the longest distance between two points is a short cut.

Don’t just take the easy and obvious route. If you go where things are easy, you will never realize your uniqueness and worth. You are like a butterfly fighting its way out of the chrysalis – if it has too much help, it won’t ever have the strength to fly. It has to be left alone to push its way out. For a man to win in life, he has to leave immaturity behind on purpose by stopping making excuses for himself, and push towards manhood.

You have to make a decision that you have what it takes to prosper, to take responsibility for the woman you choose and the children you father, and to make a mark on this world whose value will be felt by generations to come. Your decision is the open door into reality and once you decide that you are not quitting until you are through with these things, the fear of inadequacy won’t be able to control you, and nothing can stop you; if you hold your course you will win!

To get to where you are going, you must value learning over money. You must be prepared to invest significantly in your own training and preparation, because the future belongs to those who can learn more skills and combine them in creative ways. Don’t try and “get there” too fast.

In fact since the 1400s, studies have shown that it takes at least 10,000hrs or 10 years of practicing something before a person can perfect their craft and achieve mastery. That’s why a premature graduation usually proves counter-productive. No wonder an excellent apprenticeship was designed to last at least 7 years.  If you train well the money will come.

A lot of people are mediocre because they move away from resistance and pain. They don’t want to study because it will take too long; they don’t want to work out because they don’t like the physical discomfort, and they don’t want to date seriously because they might get tied down to just one woman, and that will end their fun! Men who win in life gravitate towards taking on something that is a challenge, and they use pain and resistance to develop unique skills and rare equities. Decide that you are an eagle and your destiny is to fly! Discipline is your friend and you don’t just do what you feel like doing; you do what you know will empower you to get to where you want to be.

Most men mess up when they have no one to speak into their lives. All outstanding achievers have a mentor or a coach, whereas average guys assume they know what they are doing and coach themselves! Humility is more powerful than pride or arrogance, and it is better to ask for help now than to wait until you have to because you have run out of options.

Character is the real reward that you give yourself in life, and a man can never dream himself into having character. He must forge one with the hammer of self-discipline and determination.

If you go through life just chasing a good time or just wanting to be inspired, it’s no wonder you come unglued during hard times. If you are ever going to have mastery over your life and rule your world, you will have to make the hard choice of being taught and instructed over just having fun and being entertained. The irony is that once you start celebrating wisdom and discipline, you will be shocked at just how much real freedom can be FUN and INSPIRING!! Listen, life is too serious to ignore the necessary preparation because the tests nonetheless still come. So, if you are ready to build your life, your marriage, your relationships, your family, your business, your prosperity, your significance, your health and your dreams, then you know what you need to do. I pray you choose wisely because you were born for MORE!!!

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3 Comments on Empowering men to win

  1. Jennifer m Chimbelu // June 17, 2013 at 4:20 am // Reply

    Well said with simple and transparent explanation

  2. I bear witness to the truth spoken my man of God!!! Amen

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