How to get hold of God’s best for your life

Over the years I have had the pleasure of releasing many people into ministry. As I have done so, I have learned a profound lesson: as you make room for others, you also make room for God’s best in your own life.

This means that when you cease to focus purely on pressing forward to grasp opportunities for yourself, and take time to lift others to fulfill theirs, you sow for a great harvest of blessing.

This is a world of abundance. There is enough room for all of us to fulfill the will of God and to go to the place where God destined each of us to go. Another person’s success does not diminish your success. Don’t be intimidated by great people. Their greatness can only make you greater since your generosity in sowing into another person will cause the blessing of God to come on you like never before.

It is when you minister to others that you will be ministered to. It’s when you refresh others that you will be refreshed. In fact whatever you want to see happen in your life, make it happen for someone else first!

Your breakthrough comes when you do someone else a favor, especially when you cannot see that you have favor coming because you are so aware of your own need. There is something so powerful about that kind of generosity of heart, that it will provoke a new wave of God’s goodness and barrier-breaking power to be released over your life.

In fact if you are painfully concluding that the dream you had for yourself is well and truly dead, and that things are at the point of no return, take a look at what God did for Naomi.

When Naomi made it happen for Ruth, her body miraculously started to produce milk to feed Ruth’s child, because when she served Ruth, God had to refresh and serve her. This was so momentous that Naomi stopped calling herself Mara (bitter) despite the terrible losses she had suffered and the devastation she had experienced. The woman whose own posterity had been cut off, now found herself nursing another precious descendant to carry the family forward.

It is never too late to see God move in your life. You are not too old to experience God’s best, and you are not beyond His reach for any reason at all. However disappointingly things have gone for you, celebrate someone else’s breakthrough, mentor someone else so that they can succeed and make room for someone else to rise up, and then watch and see what God will do for you!

May you catch the revelation that when you make room for others, you also make room for more of God’s best in your life. Since you will not be self-centered at all, I decree that all of heaven’s resources and treasures are available to you so you may lift humanity with your generosity of heart and spirit even as you accomplish your purpose.

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3 Comments on How to get hold of God’s best for your life

  1. Gwen Chitundu // June 22, 2013 at 12:27 am // Reply

    Very very true Pastot. Yes I catch it loud and clear. Serving others will make me prosper. Thats why I support this global vision. Thank you Lord for giving me an opportunity to be part of this vision!!

  2. Amen Pastor, advancement of God’s kingdom is my priority and to make the name of God great! am glad to be part of this vision, to God be all the glory! am contending for greater exploits.

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