Building Relationships of Purpose

At El-Shaddai I believe in building and training excellent teams because what God has called us to do is too huge to be accomplished by a single individual.

There is safety in a plurality of leaders and pastors, all of whom have the Kingdom of God as their primary passion in life, and great strength in teams of willing and skilled individuals who know they have been called for this assignment.

When Nehemiah rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem, every family was responsible for a section of the wall, and the people worked side by side towards the common goal. This is a picture of the church of Jesus Christ.

What aspect of the Kingdom are you focused on? In what area are you bringing your contribution? Church is a place where we build relationship on purpose, as we lay down our lives for the gospel, making sure that we leave a legacy of God’s Word and a platform for its declaration in the Earth for our children and their children.

Some of the relationships you build around the achieving of a common purpose are the best that you can ever find in life. In fact, if you are believing God for a marriage partner, getting busy with the purpose of God for your life is the surest and best way to make it happen!

Real joyous mature satisfying relationships are based on strength, mutual respect and admiration, and they will certainly thrive in an atmosphere of shared values and purpose.

However, if you lack discernment and you fail to distinguish between people who genuinely love you and those whose interests you advance, you may invest yourself wrongly. If you confuse mutual interests with personal affection and love, you set yourself up for major disappointment when the variables change. That is the point at which many people lose focus and broken focus is a major cause of defeat in life. Whatever you do, don’t let your destiny and calling be thrown off course by relationship set-backs. If it goes wrong, weather the storm but don’t let it rob you of your place on the wall! Move on as quickly as possible and believe again for God to bring you something that works and someone who is genuinely for you!

When you build successfully, both in the area of your purpose and in the area of relationships with those you build alongside of, there is a sense of deep fulfillment that comes to your life, which is the portion of your inheritance in Christ. I decree and declare that you will not run out of strength before you see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Your best days are still ahead of you and you will have what it takes to birth these new realities in your life!


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  1. Inspiring message.

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