Your story is still being written

One thing I am convinced about concerning you as you read this: you are already wired for greatness! But it will take someone who provokes that dream and speaks to the ability within you to draw it out, giving you wisdom and direction, forcing you to rise up and fulfill your destiny to its fullest.

Your destiny will not unfold in spite of you, but because of you; the decisions and choices that you make along the way will be paramount. Will you choose to place yourself under an anointed individual and in an environment where your destiny can be drawn out of you? And once you have taken yourself there, will you stay there for as long as it takes?

Make no mistake, one of the most important decisions you will ever make in life is, “What church? And who will be my pastor?” Not all churches are the same!

In this generation you have to recognize that not everything that will call itself church is actually the church. Most are gatherings of people who have natural interests in common, but the true church is a called out company of people who each have a personal revelation of Jesus Christ, and where Jesus is actually Lord. If you go to church where it is comfortable, hospitable and even polished, but there is no one revealing Jesus, and consequently nothing of destiny stirs in your spirit as you hear the Word going forth, then that is not a church according to Bible definition.

At El-Shaddai, as soon as we can get you through the door, the chances are that you will experience that stirring, because we are not here to play, we are on a mission to establish the Kingdom of God in all nations of the world through the vehicle of the church.

As you come to join, you need to know that you have a God-appointed part to play in the mission we are on. Often, when people have been disappointed in church, they decide not to really invest themselves fully another time. Maybe you are in that number and you think that by just attending services you will hear the Word and that will be enough. But success never comes on your terms and the truth is that you won’t see God move in your life like you are hungry for if you stay on the sidelines. Your God may well stay an intellectual exercise, even in an environment where there is so much more to tap into.

Which one is going to be bigger in you: your future or your fear? There is no perfect church, so don’t allow your search for perfection to paralyze you.

The answer to both your challenge and future security and fulfillment lies not in so much solving past problems but in discovering new possibilities. Let me encourage you: your story is still being written. God is working in you so let Him have His way. Even when the going gets hard, get ready to do it hard, because the size of your breakthrough will be related to the degree that you will take the pressure and still press for your destiny.

Whatever set-back, problem, mistake or hindrance you have encountered in the past, God still has something in your future that is worth fighting for. Whatever you have been through, or are maybe still going through, remember that His love endures forever. He is able to turn every set-back into a great come-back! Pursue it with all your heart and don’t give up!

It’s humbling to see what God is doing in the House of El-Shaddai. God really has set before us an OPEN DOOR THAT NO MAN CAN SHUT! I am so blessed and awestruck to see the vision of a global ministry, with a genuine experience of Jesus Christ at its core, coming to pass. We can say confidently: “Come with us and we will do you good!”


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2 Comments on Your story is still being written

  1. It’s amazing designed for me to have a site, which is beneficial in support of my knowledge. thanks admin

  2. I read this at the hardest time of my life and it instilled hope in my life. I have been praying for healing for the whole year and believe me the treatment itself of cancer is a torture. n

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