Every person will see what he believes

This is me during my “ragamuffin” years. I tried to run from God because I saw how church people treated my father, who was a pastor. They were so ungrateful for all the time and love he poured into them. I despised the hypocrisy of Christians and it took me some time to answer the call of God on my life.

So how did I get to journey from this point to the point I am at today, where I can have influence globally for the gospel of Jesus Christ?

I learned that God is my source. And I learned to obey His Word by calling things that are not as though they are.

The Word of God is the great leveler. It doesn’t take heed where you came from, or what education you had. It doesn’t ask for outstanding talent or great wisdom – only for enough to do this: to take it and make it your own and then shape your future with it as you speak it over your life as if your very existence depended on it.

Take the Word that represents your dream and speak it over your life today and every day. Don’t let up. Don’t give up. Call those things that are not as thought they are. every man will eventually stand in the midst of His confession and will see what He believes.

Why not start here:

Today the Lord is causing every area of my life to experience a supernatural resurrection and fresh vitality. My God is breathing life again into everything I touch and bringing me incredible increase and influence.

I declare that I am being promoted to another level as I yield right now to the greater One Who dwells on the inside of me .

 I am infused with fresh resolve and energy for the battles I am facing. I am strengthened by the knowledge that my battles are neither lost nor hopelessly desperate.  I declare that today I perceive that God is still orchestrating many intangibles behind the scenes to cause me to triumph despite set backs and discouragement.

I declare that the Lord wins every battle for me, especially those that have been going on for a while. I am experiencing unlimited “suddenlies” in every arena of life:  Suddenly healing; suddenly increase; suddenly restoration; suddenly favour; suddenly promotion; suddenly dreams coming alive again; suddenly end of litigation and suddenly Open Doors!


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1 Comment on Every person will see what he believes

  1. // April 8, 2013 at 2:24 pm // Reply

    Dear Pastor Mumba

    I just wanted to say a huge thanks for everything you send out; it’s been life changing to me.

    I watched a video of you yesterday (at El Shaddai Nottingham) when you were in Bradford and it was amazing - so many of us were in tears when you described just how grateful you are to our God. It is incredible to see the anointing you have on your life. It gives me goose pimples just thinking about it again now.

    God Bless you and your family and thank you so much. Denise


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