The Lord will fulfill His purpose for you

A person who doesn’t believe that God will really get him where he wants to get to in life will try to take matters into his own hands to get there.

When Adam encountered Satan in the Garden of Eden, Satan tempted him by making a suggestion that all of us face.

He cast a shadow of doubt over God’s character and nature by saying, “God isn’t really THAT good that He would give you your heart’s desire. You will have to get it for yourself and I can help you to find a way to do it.”

You were waiting for God to bring you a godly man, but now your biological clock is ticking and it is taking too long, so you marry the unbeliever anyway and then, five years later you are crying.

You know that handling your finances right means not going into more and more debt, but God is taking too long to provide you with the extra amounts you are believing for, and so you take out another store card and pile up the debt anyway.

Believers are living in the shame of the failure of their own efforts, while religion teaches them that there is no help for them since their mess-ups have meant that they are no longer important enough in God’s sight for Him to help them.

But check out God’s nature and way of handling us.

When Peter had denied Jesus at His crucifixion he went back to fishing, his only plan B having totally messed up in ministry. Jesus went out to meet him on the beach. He went right to where Peter was to talk to him; He didn’t keep His distance, even though Peter had betrayed Him.

Not only that, but He turned Peter’s fishing failure into an overwhelming catch. He didn’t mention the betrayal. Instead He gave Him the worldly success He was looking for, before inviting him back on the team.

Abraham experienced the same thing. He and Sarah took matters into their own hands concerning their seed, and produced Ishmael. God’s response was to bless Ishmael and give him an inheritance as well as to go on and give them Isaac, their child of promise.

Wherever you are at on your journey today, God is ready to be good to you still and to take you to the place you have always desired. It has always been God’s way to deal with you in spite of yourself ad to give you far more than you deserve! His grace is MORE than enough. Run to him again today.


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3 Comments on The Lord will fulfill His purpose for you

  1. Amen, I am personaly Blessed by your teaching and gradually I am seeing things changing. Because you teach with simplicity, I got understanding to the point am able to share with others.

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