If you only knew how significant you were!

You are so awesome. If you knew how significant you were, you wouldn’t spend your life on yourself. If you knew what a difference you could make, you wouldn’t spend the whole day preoccupied with your trouble. If you knew how significant you were to the plan of God, you wouldn’t spend so much time thinking about people who hate you and are talking about you, because you don’t have what they say, you have what YOU say. They don’t control your destiny.

You and I are not natural people having a spiritual experience now and again in church. No! We are spiritual people with an eternity ahead of us, having a brief natural experience here on the Earth.

We don’t belong here – we are citizens of the Kingdom of God. We are God’s own children and He is so hooked on us that He just wants to hang out with us. The only reason that God doesn’t take us straight to be with Him is so that we could touch another life for Him.

What do you suppose God could do with a life totally sold out to Him?

God never sends you to a ministry just so you could be made whole; even though that is a part of His plan for you. But HE has called you and equipped you to be a minister of reconciliation to this generation.

People may be surprised when they see me out on the streets with my members, sharing the gospel with people who haven’t heard it yet. They assume that with so many churches and a TV program, that I would have become too “important” for simple things like that.

One eternal soul is much more valuable than any appearance on TV. When it comes to spending time to tell just one person that their sin is not even keeping them out of Heaven, but only their rejection of the gift of Jesus Christ, there is nothing more important.

And then to have the privilege of walking people through life’s challenges! It isn’t even about preaching a sermon; it is about holding someone’s hand as they work through their real life issues and realize the nature of their own calling.

These are the privileges of our calling in Christ. Will you join me?

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2 Comments on If you only knew how significant you were!

  1. Chile Mulenga // July 25, 2013 at 2:56 am // Reply

    Yes I’ll join
    Thank you for being a blessing, both you and mummy Star x


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