Getting what you want

If there was one thing I could teach you concerning achieving what you want in life, it would be to emphasize to you the importance of the vision that fired you up in the first place. What was it that captured your heart as you submitted your life to God and made Him Lord? What did He reveal to you  that He would do in your life?

The dream that God birthed in your heart, which has set you off on a pursuit to discover its reality, is not just an idle hope, it is a seed that you are supposed to incubate in your heart until it comes to pass.

In fact, dreams are more powerful, and vision is more vital than the average person estimates. As humans we are far more likely to judge the likelihood of success by how gifted we are, rather than by how clear our vision is. That is why we run into trouble when we feel our strength being drained and see our goal move further away instead of closer, as often seems to happen in the process of life! But the Word of God teaches differently. The Word teaches in Proverbs 29:18 that without a clear vision of what God will do with your life, the people perish or cast off restraint. People don’t perish because they have problems and challenges. People perish because they lack VISION!!

 When God wanted Abram to achieve something unusual, He came to him in a vision. The same thing happened to Jacob, Noah, Moses, Joseph, Gideon, Isaiah, Mary and Joseph, Paul and countless others. Almost more than anything else, God deals in visions and dreams.

Nehemiah had a vision from God to restore the walls around Jerusalem. It was a powerful vision, but it wasn’t easy to carry out . He had to reach daily for courage to withstand the discouragements and the voices telling him  that it was impossible to achieve what he had set his heart on.

Nehemiah 4:1-2 tells us what it was like for him:

...when Sanballat heard that we were building the wall, he was angry and in a great rage, and he ridiculed the Jews.

And he said before his brethren and the army of Samaria, What are these feeble Jews doing? Will they restore things [at will and by themselves]? Will they [try to bribe their God] with sacrifices? Will they finish up in a day?

When the going gets tough, you will have to dream on purpose. God has supplied the victory for you and for me, just as He had for Nehemiah. He has told us clearly that we are more than conquerors through Christ. The fact that we have a vision from Him is evidence that we are able to see it come to pass. Your future is first conceived in your spirit and then your outer life will correspond with the nature of your inner vision.

Christians often know these things and understand what they should do to see breakthrough, but they just don’t do it for long enough to see the results of what they have believed for.

You won’t get what you want if you spend your energy worrying about why you think it won’t or can’t happen instead of simply believing that’s its possible. Keep your eyes on  the goal rather than the challenges, because your life will go in the direction of your focus.

Champions are no stronger or more gifted than others; they have simply learned to focus on where they are going far more than on what is facing them to challenge their dreams.

One of the greatest assets that any person can have is an indomitable spirit – A spirit that will not be conquered and tamed, and refuses to take no for an answer concerning the vital dream that God has shown them. That’s what you have in Christ!! Don’t let life TAME you. It’s your birthright to operate in DOMINION – RULE your world and SUBDUE it!!

If people have lied about you or injustices have happened to set you back, remember that no lie can last for ever. The truth will come out. God is the Lord your recompense. For everything that you have lost, He will more than compensate you. Likewise, there is a balm in His presence for every place of hurt in your heart.

Expect to pay a price for the fulfillment of your calling. You can’t be in bondage to family members, people, religion or even your own ego. Put your hand to the plow and simply don’t look back. You are born to win!


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8 Comments on Getting what you want

  1. Ms Mwaka Namuchimba // August 27, 2013 at 11:50 pm // Reply

    Am so glad that finally I have found your page. I am a single lady aged 34 years and I love your words of wisdom concerning relationships. I have never been married before and dont have any children and so will not panic but wait for God to bless me though it hasnt been easy to wait for someone to love me and propose to marry me.

  2. Diana Ngwenyama // August 28, 2013 at 4:37 am // Reply

    I am truly blessed.I have not been this blessed by the word of God for so long…thank u. I am really grateful..u dont undastand.I am super blest.

  3. Amen and Amen, no man would temper with my spirit. Am laser focus on Jesus. The breathe I breathe is from God, He breathed His own creative power in me to think and dream big. Thank God He did not only give it to figure heads but He gave it freely to all mankind regardless class which the world uses to distinguish Gods own precious souls.



  5. Amen, I am born to win.

  6. I am really encouraged. I have come to know that i was born to win despite challenges provided I Keep focused on my vision.

  7. Thanks for sharing. Am encouraged

  8. When you stated,”when the going gets tough you have to dream on purpose”, my eyes twinkled and hope was sparked in me. I often start off running towards my purpose and somehow forget why I started running in the first place. I started a blog, now what? I wrote a manuscript, which needs editing, now what? I have to recall why I began as you eloquently stated. May God continue to bless you and your family abundantly! I cannot say that I remember exactly why I started, but this post reminded me that I need to remember to remember! Thank You, Ramson.

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