Sexuality Uncensored

Most people don’t realize that they have a fire inside them – it’s called their sexuality. If you don’t realize how powerful it is, it can consume you and take your life in a totally different direction than you planned!

Quoting John 3:16 won’t help you when dealing with your sexuality! The answer to keeping your passions under control is not simply to pray. In fact, if you over spiritualize your sexuality, and refuse to talk about it, you are a very likely to be out of control.

Most pastors won’t talk about matters to do with your sexuality, but in their congregation plenty is going on that shouldn’t be! That’s because most Christians have had sex education from the devil, imitating the way things are done in the world, and getting their tips from the barber’s shop! The trouble is that the devil has never had any sex education. He is ignorant on the topic! People end up in lust driven relationships devoid of true romance because they have mistaken sexual tension for love.

If you have a fire, you have to respect it and learn how to deal with it. Don’t try and smother it and call yourself a eunuch! Very few people have the gift of celibacy. If you have your eye on someone and you would like to get it on with them, you don’t have that gift, so be real with yourself!

The greatest gift you can give to yourself is boundaries. Don’t take numbers from people you have no business taking numbers from! Giving yourself sexually to someone is all about investing the whole of you in another person with whom you share everything. Most people in this generation know a lot about what it is to have a casual sexual encounter with another person, but they don’t know what it is to make love within the context of a committed relationship! Until you know the power of giving yourself completely to somebody, you don’t know how awesome you can be. What you do with your sexuality will determine how far you go.

If the way you express your sexuality is by pulling up to the first person who is open, and getting up again as fast as possible afterwards, you frustrate your own profound desire to know and to be known by a significant other.  In the Bible, sex outside of the marriage covenant is called “lying with someone” whereas in marriage it is called “knowing someone”. You simply can’t access the depth of intimacy you truly long for outside of commitment.

The devil has lied to believers to get them to believe that the only hot sex is extramarital. You feel like sex in marriage is less because you feel like the chase is off. Who told you that you should stop pursuing your wife once you are married?

If you get married and you don’t know anything about sex, you won’t have any pleasure out of it. You feel dirty every time your husband wants you because you don’t know that you can ask and that it is OK.

You don’t need to spice up your marriage with sexual paraphernalia or pornography. Every time you introduce a third person into your relationship, it will cripple your intimacy. You tell your wife or husband that he or she is not enough to turn you on.  Someone has been sowing in your mind, and maybe you started comparing your spouse with someone who hasn’t sacrificed to bring you children, or sacrificed to feed your family with long hours of work.

If you are bored with sex in marriage, open up a conversation. Recognize that sometimes you will come home because that is where you live and you have responsibilities and children to raise, and still hold fast to your commitment to be there for one another.

Do what it takes between you to keep things fresh. Send the texts to excite one another with anticipation. God created you to enjoy sex with your wife, so get over yourself and scream if you want to! There is nothing wrong with pleasure in marriage. We are going to do this for recreation. We are going to play.

It’s a means of comfort and healing, and it feeds the hunger in each of you. Ladies, don’t let your man leave home on a business trip hungry for some action! Don’t you know he will be seeing those cute women at the office. To a hungry man even bitter food tastes sweet. If you keep going to bed with the robe tied twice because you are a good Christian and you are a prayer warrior and everything is a fight, you will create hunger in your man.

There will be fewer fights at your house when your sexual relationship is working. if nothing is happening, there will be no joy!

Marriage is the greatest character development ever instituted. If you can build your marriage and make it thrive, you can build a business and you can graduate, because the same disciplines are the same that it will take to take the world for yourself and Jesus Christ

Today my wife and I are praying that the Lord will send every single person who is believing for a mate the LOVE of their lives!! Whatever miracle it takes, I declare that Heaven will arrange the meeting and align everything to work together for your good!!

And for every marriage  I declare a blessing of joy, laughter and sweetness in your home!

That is the season I speak over you today! And if you set your Faith and keep it set, then we also set ourselves in agreement with you that this is your one time and designated moment to receive the desires of your heart!!



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2 Comments on Sexuality Uncensored

  1. Wow, this is so refreshing like cold water to a parched soul. Thank you Pastor Mumba.

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