Marriage wisdom

Estrella and I are believing God for all your significant relationships to become your HAPPY PLACE. A place that’s free from strife, fear, pain, anxiety, manipulation, intimidation and brokenness.

However, we do ourselves a terrible injustice if we say we are believers, but we run our relationships according to the wisdom of the movies, the TV, the magazines or family traditions.

Freedom to make our own choices in life and shape our own future brings a weight of personal responsibility to each one of us to choose our teachers. We cannot afford to live driven lives; we must choose to live directed lives.

Here are a few helpful pointers to eliminate relationship imbalance:

  • Avoid competing with one another. Insecure people always have to prove that they are better than the others around them, but to enjoy mature relationship you must decide to celebrate the strength of those close to you and know that it doesn’t take away from your portion.
  • When you allow other peoples’ opinions to shape your relationship, you head for disaster! There is only room in a marriage for two, so don’t allow your family members and friends to control and direct you as you work to build your home; instead yield to the teaching of the Word.
  • Building a child-centered marriage is unhealthy both for you and for the kids. You raise selfish children who expect life to be all about them, and when they leave, you no longer know your spouse. The best thing you can do for your kids is to love their mother/father.
  • If you have to keep your mate on a leash in order for you to feel secure, then you don’t have a mature adult relationship. You have a parent-child relationship and that’s why when you try and do things adults do together you end up feeling weird. Actively believe God that you will grow up together in God at the same rate.
  • Anyone who believes it’s their responsibility to put you down and cut you down to size will never make the best life partner for you. You need someone who believes that you could be absolutely anything you want, in spite of your flaws. Let your faith in God feed and strengthen your vision for your mate.
  • Secrecy in a relationship is an intimacy killer since it destroys trust. Be open, and also give grace to your mate’s flaws; otherwise you will train him or her to hide things from you.
  • Continuing to prioritize your family’s needs over those of your mate will drive a wedge in your relationship. Don’t cut them off either, but let them know, “I’m married now.”
  • If you pretend that things are fine while issues continue to accumulate and become good at faking happiness in public instead of dealing with root issues, you are living based on a lie. Do what it takes to BE right, and don’t be content with LOOKING right.

It is the will of God that you experience the pure bliss of giving yourself wholly to another person and for that to be reciprocated

Estrella and I add our faith with yours today for God to give you relationships that nourish, cherish, empower, enrich and bring the best out of you. May your happiness, joy and bliss know no bounds. It’s your time now!


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3 Comments on Marriage wisdom

  1. Thank You, Pastor.
    As always you make it plain and clear.

  2. Evelyn Mushitala // January 28, 2014 at 10:53 pm // Reply

    Am always blessed by your teachings Pastor.U are my best mentor.May God increase your anointing.

  3. Thank you so much Pastor for your teachings and the word of wisdom,l appreciate,God bless you always with your family.

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