This weekend in Dallas, TX


Estrella and I are so grateful for so many of the folks who have come to become part of this miracle unfolding right before our eyes!! Who would have thought that a ministry that started off with 20 people in the North of England would be be up touching the world and having churches on 5 continents and more than 55 different nationalities represented in the ElShaddai Global Network of Churches!!

Estrella and I are profoundly humbled by this amazing privilege we have been give by the Lord to lead this amazing work of Grace!! 

The tactic of the enemy in this generation is to inject people with just enough religion, that they are immunized against real, life-filled, dynamic Christianity. It’s just like when someone feeds your kids junk food, and when they come home to the homemade meal you prepared them, they just aren’t hungry! Believers today are just not hungry for the Word, because the “religious biscuit” that they have received has distracted them  and taken away their appetite for the real things of God.

However, God has a plan and it is called revelation knowledge. When truths that have been hidden for us through the ages are suddenly revealed under the anointing, even the driest, most disillusioned and “churched-out” person will be revived and find new hope again!

When I talk  about the privilege to lead this ministry, I understand that it is not by my own ability that this ministry has grown to be so dynamic and influential in the nations of the world. When God spoke to me at the age of 22 to start the ministry, He used the scripture in Revelation 3:8, saying, “…although your strength is small, you have kept my Word….” I am under no illusion that any of this has taken place by my own strength. In fact I am really nothing more than God’s delivery boy, who has the job of dropping off a package wherever he goes! When a package comes to your home, you don’t start treating the delivery boy as if he is a celebrity! You are thankful to the one who sent the package in the first place!

My job and my privilege is to break the bread of life and deliver to you the spiritual food that God is sending to you!

This is how the church of Jesus Christ is built = on the foundation of revelation knowledge, and this is how El-Shaddai Dallas will grow strong and prosper in the purpose for which God had us plant it. It will be as the light of God’s revealed Word come into the hearts of those who come to our meetings.

We are not interested in building a social club in Dallas, or simply in drawing a crowd to prove that we are successful! Life is not a popularity contest, and we have far bigger things to do than get embroiled in those distractions. We are passionate about delivering the Word in a way that reveals Jesus and reveals his will, His character and His nature.

When revelation comes, you don’t retreat, you advance, because confidence makes you rock solid on the Word that has been revealed.

When revelation comes power to get results is also available. There’s no need to wait any longer for the thing you are believing God for. This is your moment!

When revelation comes, you now have light on your situation and circumstances and you can see your way out!

Whatever hell has fashioned against you, it cannot prevail when revelation knowledge shows up. The church armed with revelation knowledge is the church that will be glorious and powerful in this generation! The kingdoms of this world will have no choice to be transformed into the kingdoms of our God and His Christ.

Excuse me while I shout!!!!





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3 Comments on This weekend in Dallas, TX

  1. Sir, that was a great meal. Congratulations on the Dallas Church. Son, you are a true keeper of the Word of God. No dry biscuits for me!

  2. Amen we thank God for sending you to encourage us through all your works praise be to God

  3. Amen, praise Him, I rejoice with you!

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