Make Your Life Count!

Three years ago, God spoke to me about a new season where the intensity of our corporate pursuit after God will cause miracles and manifestations of His presence  and power break out in every service. This is exactly what we have been seeing take place at El-Shaddai!

In fact it has become commonplace to see these things; and the more our lives become swallowed up in our passion for Jesus and His Kingdom, the quicker and more potent they will be.

We have seen sight restored and deaf ears opened too numerous to count! Wheelchairs and walking canes have been discarded as the power of God has brought healing to many. Not only that but broken hearts, broken marriages and empty lives have been restored and turned around for the King and His Kingdom. We are excited and in great anticipation at all that God is doing, because we are determined that the church in our day is not sinking into mediocrity and powerlessness! We WILL manifest His glory!

Generally speaking the church in this generation is focused around the preferences and convenience of the people in it. Highly structured services where worship is a spectator sport and entertainment value is an important factor in attracting visitors and guests is the expected formula.

But when God signed you up for His purposes, He wasn’t thinking of entertaining you, He was calling you into an army. There is no room for civilians, we are in a war. We are called to make our lives count, and we have the glorious charge to release the Word and the power of God in the nations, until the kingdoms of this world have been transformed into the Kingdoms of our God and His Christ.

People talk about attending church, but in reality we don’t GO to church, we ARE the church; and what is more, don’t get confused – the church is not a democracy; it is a theocracy.

At El-Shaddai Jesus is going to be worshiped and praised like He really is the King. It is a matter of honor!

At El-Shaddai we’re going to make our lives count. Political correctness may term us volunteers as we serve in the house of God, but we are not volunteers, we are bond servants of Jesus Christ.

At El-Shaddai we are not going to tip God with even less money in an offering than we would invest in a Starbucks! When believers are at the mall, they whip out the card the moment they see the dress or the shoes; but when it comes to giving to the purposes of God, they suddenly need to pray and exercise “wisdom”! We are going to show that we trust God with everything we are by sowing generously and consistently towards His purposes.

We are called and anointed to minister the gospel in this generation. Today’s opportunity is what matters! Some people are still waiting to go into ministry because they have not been given the platform yet, but real ministry is rendering service to the body of Christ in all kinds of service.

Mentoring and discipling others as they come into the Kingdom, and work through the challenges of life, teaching a group of children and showing them the truths of the Word of God so that they can make a decision for Jesus at an early age, welcoming members and guests with genuine warmth, connecting with newcomers, praying with those who come desperate for answers and simply helping people in whatever way is before you – that is ministry. It is that to which we are called!

What do you consider your reasonable service? In other words, what will you offer God that may not be rewarded this side of Heaven?

The Kingdom of God is worth giving our whole lives to. It’s not about sophistication and paychecks, it’s about introducing people to Jesus and making them whole.

If you plan your life around the Kingdom of God, the church of Jesus Christ will never be put to shame.

Are you ready to stand up and be counted? To serve without us having to look for you, to give without needing a gimmick to motivate you and to make the highest priority of being here every time we meet together?

Welcome to a different way of doing church. Welcome to the fullness of the anointing in our midst.






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8 Comments on Make Your Life Count!

  1. “Without these stretching conversations, there will be no maturity at your house.” well said..

  2. Amen Pastor, Jesus Himself was not compromising, He would correct the situation using the Word which is the truth and was not worried of people’s reaction whether they will leave him or not. He, Himself is the truth, the light and the life. He didn’t have time for gimicks. He was focused to fulfill the purpose not to please people. Indeed church is about fulfilling God’s Kingdom of doing things not people pleasers, it’s not a club nor a society but a Kingdom that will reign forever


  4. Reblogged this on Chido's Blog and commented:
    This is good!

  5. Excellent word!!! Thank you, Father, for a Pastor who is after your own heart.

  6. // September 26, 2013 at 8:03 am // Reply

    Dr. Mumba, I really appreciate your “Candid” teaching last night, that was good teaching RIGHT THERE, and as the body we needed that to “jerk the slack out”. El-Shaddai is not the norm of how many of us are accustomed to church, but that explains why we never really could get ahead, it was always about working, doing & showing off, but never reaching the place of MORE THAN ENOUGH, without stress, strain or struggle. For some reason I always knew there was more to the Kingdom of God, so we are honored to be bond servants of Jesus Christ. It’s not enough to say we will: 1) Win Souls2) Serve in Ministry3) Give Without Gimmicks We must do it! You are Our Pastor, Our Man of God, and God sent you to Houston for those that are serious about the Kingdom! Yes, The Tyson Family is ready to stand up and be counted, to serve without you looking for us, to give without needing a gimmick and to make the highest priority of being here every time we meet together. We appreciate You & Pastor Star – you are truly Angels from Heaven. Thank you again for the message last night! Regards,Chris, Aquila, Tre’ & Preston

  7. AMEN!!!!!!!!! For HIS GLORY AND HONOR! Hallelujah!!!

  8. Well said, I love this!

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