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The Lord spoke to me this week concerning making a demand on the anointing in order to see the power of God manifested among the body of Christ.

At the dedication of the temple Solomon prayed to the Lord, that He would put His name on  it and every time the people would gather and pray that He would hear and answer. God’s glory filled that temple and God delighted to manifest Himself in power in that place.

In the New Covenant, WE are the temple that houses the presence of God. He has placed His name on us and we are the church of the living God. When we meet together, we shouldn’t be showing up to hear a man’s speech. That is the time to place a demand on the anointing we carry. If you stay away from the body, you only have access to your own anointing, but if you will join with the community of believers, there is a different level of power available to you!

We are leaving behind the shallow waters of the anointing once and for all. We are going to plunge the depths of His goodness!

When I was rocking my little baby Star this week, she started to search on my arm for a place to feed. She was ready to eat! I had to pass her over to my wife, of course, but God showed me something simple yet profound. Just as the woman’s body is ready to supply milk to the hungry baby, nothing appears until the baby makes a demand. As soon as the baby sucks, the milk flows FOR AS LONG AS THE BABY MAKES THE DEMAND! As soon as the demand ceases, the flow stops, even though it has not run out.

This is how it is with the power of God. It has been made available to us, yet we rarely make the demand! Are you blaming God for your failure to receive, when you are yet to make a demand?

From this moment on, I am not tolerating for one minute the concept of a Christian with no glory. What about you? There is a God in Heaven and He can do things that will blow your mind! You won’t need to take therapy for five years, or take a lifetime to build up your business. You are designed to receive heavenly downloads so that wisdom, knowledge and insights are born in you that take you far ahead of where you should be naturally. You will discover that you are smarter than you know!

God is getting ready to do something greater than ever before, and when He starts to move it requires us to stretch.

Make a decision to step up in two crucial areas:

  • No more complaining! Gratitude and thanksgiving causes increase in our lives, but complaining ties us to the status quo.
  • Sow financially. A false balance is an abomination to the Lord, and the time for tipping God is over. You can’t earn six figures and sow $50! That is out of balance. If you want to be in on something big in your life, sow big!

As you watch this clip from our Sunday services, don’t spectate, enter in! The power of God is for you too, and as you engage with Him, the Holy Spirit will do something in you that will change the course of your future. Let Him take you to your wealthy place!


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  1. Hallelujah amen and amen. Thank you Pastor for good words of wisdom they help us grow in Christ.

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