How to go beyond looking right to being right

It is a travesty of our generation that many Christian ministries are so focused on things looking right, that being a person of the right heart and motivation is no longer even relevant in some circles. Like James and John, Christians have always fought for the best seat and networked to achieve promotion, arguing who is the most gifted and honored. But this is the superficial stuff.

Gifts are a dime a dozen. There are plenty of people who can preach, who can administrate, who can rally people round and motivate them towards a task. But God is less interested in what you can do, and more interested in what is happening IN you.The real question is, are you developing your character so that you can serve God’s people in a way that makes them  whole?

God is the portion of our inheritance, but the Lord’s inheritance is His people.

People are God’s most sacred commodity. If we ever are mistaken in thinking that we can handle people any way we choose, we haven’t understood God.

Every time you deal with a human being, you are adding or subtracting from His inheritance. How are you doing with God’s people?

Psalm 78:70-72, tells us this about how King David operated under the anointing that God placed on His life:

He chose David his servant  and took him from the sheep pens; from tending the sheep he brought him  to be the shepherd of his people Jacob,  of Israel his inheritance.
And David shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them.

David was passed over by his father when Samuel came to anoint the future king. He was out doing the most boring job of all, taking care of his father’s sheep, while his brothers were all presented as possible candidates for kingship. But there was something about the way David took care of those sheep, that drew God’s attention. He was already developing a heart of integrity, handling the sheep, who had no power to reward him, with skill and devotion when no one else was looking. God recognized that David would be safe hands to lead His people. Right there on the hillside, David qualified for the job!

The  person you are becoming is the burning issue of your life before anything else. This is what God has His eye on concerning you, and the day you take full responsibility for your own character and behavior, is the day you start to mature. Take your focus off LOOKING right, and deal solely in BEING right.

We are all capable of becoming genuinely awesome, but one of the reasons why we become disillusioned with our journey to build godly character is that too many things happen along the road of life that work to shape us the wrong way. Before we know it we don’t even like ourselves!

On top of that we all inherit certain traits and tendencies, which, sooner or later, trip us up and seem to bring a ceiling on our growth and ability, keeping us stuck in the place far below where we want to get to in life. If you are at the point where you are facing that right now, don’t quit! You have the God-given potential and authority to grow beyond all of that, no matter what it looks like.

Like David we must take responsibility for what is happening IN us, despite what is happening TO us. We cannot afford to become mean, even when life treats us meanly. We cannot afford to let bitterness and anger overtake us, even when we go through experiences of being misunderstood or rejected.

Most people cry about what happened to them, instead of taking the equity of past experience and applying it to their future. Learn to reject bitterness and to become better as a person through the challenges.

Sometimes the pain of life comes from the consequences of our poor choices. We know we have no one to blame but ourselves for where we are, and that is harder than everything else. Remember this: the mercy of God is coming to your aid. If you will trust God, He cannot help Himself but to restore you and give you fresh opportunities. Let failure be your coach, and make adjustments. Recognize that no one ever succeeded without making mistakes and those who never make mistakes are not actually doing anything at all!

You can still become an outstanding person, and God will still lift you to a place of honor, if you will build your character on integrity, just as David did.

Determine that you are qualifying for the promotion you seek TODAY by the way you handle the weakest and least influential of God’s people. Demonstrate integrity with the responsibilities you have been given when it seems that no one is looking at you, and let God be the author of your fulfilled dreams.

I am praying for you that God will surprise you with His goodness today as you trust Him afresh to the be source of your blessing

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