How can I get rid of this generational curse?

Do patterns of failure, sickness and struggle seem to haunt your family? Can you never seem to break out beyond a certain level? Have you had ancestors who practiced witchcraft? Are you desperate for answers – praying, fasting, sending offerings and seeking out a ministry anointed enough to pray the prayer of deliverance, but without success to this point?

If so, you need this article! There is help available for you!

Many Christians struggle with the fear of a curse that has come upon their family. So let’s look at what a curse is and what we, as born again believers, can do to be free once and for all.

A curse is a judgment – an inevitability of punishment that brings a sense of hopelessness and powerlessness. It is something that is beyond our control. It is an empowerment to fail and to come out with the least favorable outcome every time.

The curse is not a spooky thing – it is real. It has it’s roots in the Old Covenant. This is how it came about.

Before the death and resurrection of Jesus, God engaged with his people via the law. The law expressed His holy standards, but there was no power supplied to keep it.  Failure and mistakes were inevitable, since the soul of man was messed up by sin, and sin brings punishment.

Under this system there was mercy for sin, because of the yearly sacrifices made by the priests, but the full price for sin had not yet been paid. The people lived with an awareness of the closeness of the judgment of God for sin. Sometimes judgment broke out in the camp and thousands died.

The reason for this was that the punishment and judgment for sin is far greater than the blood of animals alone could wipe out.

One vivid picture of this was when Elijah built an altar to the Lord on Mount Carmel to defeat the prophets of Baal. When the fire fell from Heaven as a judgment on idolatry, it consumed not only the sacrifice, but the water, stones and dust around it too. (2 Kings 18)

In his amazing holiness, God understood clearly the ravages of sin. He saw the fullness of its devastating effects and knew that it was the greatest problem facing mankind. He had to judge it and reject it before it destroyed his creation. The judgment was being passed down from one generation to the next because no human being could live long enough to pay the price in their life time, no matter how much sacrifice they made.

 It was a terrible situation, that God could not tolerate.

Since He could not just change His mind and become soft on sin, God decided to carry the penalty Himself, to allow us to be forever free of the curse of judgment for sin.

God made a covenant agreement with His Son, Jesus, who despite His human reluctance to face something so huge, yielded to the cross where He poured out His own blood and offered it as a payment once and for all for the sin of mankind.

Although Jesus sought another way for the deal to be done, there was no other way, because His sinless blood was the only substance able to reach back into the depths of history and stretch right out into the future and cleanse all of humanity of the depravity of sin, all at one go.

When that lonely figure hung on the cross, He was drinking the full cup of God’s wrath; and after He had absorbed every drop of God’s judgment for sin, He cried out “It is finished!”

Although He had taken every last bit of punishment upon Himself, the weight of it had not killed Him! No help was needed at that moment, signifying that no one else ever need to carry any part of it. Jesus was an overpayment for the sin of mankind! Only then did He yield up His life; His assignment was completed.

No more would the fathers eat sour grapes and the children’s teeth be set on edge. Jesus even cried out, “I thirst!” and drank the vinegar, as a direct sign that there is no more sourness left for humanity to bear as a result of judgment.

So if this is the case, why do we experience lingering problems in our families?

Proverbs 23:7 tells us that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he.

Mindsets, attitudes and strongly held traditions and beliefs passed down from parents to children ate enough to prevent us from laying hold of our new freedom, simply because we have not understood how it can be possible. Simply put, we have believed in the strength of the curse over the power of the blood.

The blessing of God is received by faith in what the blood of Jesus has accomplished for us. Change your mind right now to embrace the fact that Jesus has done it all by His blood. No additional sacrifice is needed. Stop sending offerings to try and get what is already yours! Only believe.

If you will update your facts, and stop operating on the basis of the Old Covenant, which has now been done away with, you will be able to grasp hold of that unbelievable favor that the blood has now released for you. That is all you need to take care of everything.

This is the start of a new season for you. You will not be duped into tolerating the curse any longer.

Declare with me: the blood of Jesus has redeemed me from sickness, from character weakness, from addictions, from poverty and failure. I reject the notion of a generational curse because Jesus is an overpayment for every sin ever committed by my ancestors. Whatever went before, I declare that I am a BARRIER BREAKER! I can be whole, go to college, own houses, have a happy family and kids who grow up well and be anointed with FRESH OIL to minister to this generation – and I lay hold of it RIGHT NOW!

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5 Comments on How can I get rid of this generational curse?

  1. amen..thank you Lord for the blood of Jesus christ

  2. Kevin Call // April 30, 2014 at 6:39 pm // Reply

    Your word is a live , and true , how can I become a partner with you ?

  3. Well said! The Blood of Jesus has redeemed me from sickness, from character weakness, from addictions, from poverty and failure. I reject the notion of a generational curse because Jesus is an overpayment for every sin ever committed by my ancestors. Whatever went before, I declare that I am a barrier breaker, and I receive the fullness of ALL thatHe has for me, RIGHT NOW!

  4. Gabrielle Barenda // September 2, 2016 at 3:48 pm // Reply

    THIS is the truth! Thank you Dr Ramson!

  5. Whom the Lord sets free is free indeed.

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