It’s pay day!

God ordained our days to be filled with peace, purpose, health, anointing, provision and wholeness. In short, we should prosper in every arena of life because the gospel is the power of God unto salvation. Salvation is from the Greek word “soteria” meaning wholeness.  Our lives are all about us living the manifestation of what He already wrote in His book concerning us.

Religion has shamed Christians out of wanting to receive a harvest. They feel it is just greed to expect to get something back from their obedience towards God. That is against the principles on which the world is founded.

Genesis 8:22 tells us:  As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.

There is a rhythm to life. Just as seasons come and go in the natural order, so in the spiritual realm this is the case. If you are in a winter season right now, don’t panic because Spring is coming. No season lasts for ever, and you have an appointment with your harvest!

If a rich aunt left you an estate in her will, you  would have no problem going to claim your inheritance in full. The Word “testament” means “will”, and Jesus left a will declaring us to be the beneficiaries of everything that is His.

Let’s make a clear distinction: greedy people want to lay their hands on what doesn’t, by rights,  belong to them; whereas covenant people don’t want to leave anything on the table that has been given to them as an inheritance in Christ.

So who stole your harvest? Where is the stuff that your Papa God bought for you? Your harvest should flow, just like day and night. As long as the Earth remains, you should be getting paid!

Not receiving anything doesn’t make you humble; it makes you sad. From now on you should not be OK with seeing no results from your Christianity. The devil has been playing dirty and stealing your stuff. You shouldn’t be investing all in your marriage and finding yourself stranded.

You shouldn’t be working faithfully in the background, doing your job excellently without seeing promotion. You are not excluded from the best business deals just because you don’t have a PhD, and you shouldn’t write yourself off from being used by God just because you have made mistakes.

On no account should you take instructions from your circumstances, or accept a lower  seat than the one God designed for you just because the world seems to give you the message that you belong down there.

Harvest is your portion, and as a man of God, sent to minister to God’s people, I declare that it is pay day in your house.

If you will take the instruction that comes in 2 Chronicles 20:20, to believe the prophet that God sends to your life, the Word that I am declaring right now will take precedence over your circumstances and cause harvest to begin right now!

As you give weight to this Word, you are putting in the sickle. As you perceive and receive it as having come from God Himself, you position yourself for the manifestation.

Make a conscious decision to believe God more than you believe the physical evidence you face. Right now there is a fresh wind blowing in your life. Let the glory of God take you to another dimension. It’s harvest time!

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5 Comments on It’s pay day!

  1. Amen. I believe that this is my season. Its a new season a new day for me. Thank you LORD for this words.

  2. I make a conscious decision to believe God more than I believe the physical evidence I face.

  3. Amen!!! I receive it in Jesus name!!!

  4. Amen.I receive this word.It is indeed harvest time at my house !!!!!

  5. Thanks for the timely word! The Word is really making sense whenever you both speak it. God bless and the new website looks great!
    -Sophie 🙂

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