Walking together in agreement

Many people’s relationships get into bother because they cannot successfully reconcile when there is an issue between them. Issues will come in life, so how will you go about resolving them?

Dramatic sweeping statements that you picked up from a soap opera won’t work in real life! Neither will the silent treatment.

There has to be some sort of honest conversation sooner or later, so you may as well have it sooner. The issue won’t go away until you do!

Don’t try to carry on as if nothing happened and no angry words were ever spoken! A man may try to brush things under the carpet to regain sexual intimacy, and his “sorry” may translate as, “I don’t want to talk about this any more!” Ladies, you need a better outcome than that!

A true sign of growing maturity in a relationship is that you can resolve issues that used to take a week or more of conflict, in just a few minutes.

A vital key is that you must both learn to understand what it is like to be the other one, without trying to make them just like you.

For example, most women resolve issues by talking, but most men like to have space to figure things out.

If every time he comes home you try to out-talk your man, you will eventually lose him. He will get to the point where he won’t want to come home. The truth about a man is that there is hope of saving a relationship all the time he will talk, even if you are arguing. Once he stops talking to you, you know you are in trouble.

A woman struggles to forget If she feels she wasn’t ever properly heard about an issue, she will continue to return to it time and time again, until SHE feels you have heard her.

A man on the other hand will move on more quickly and will cry harder, but shorter if he has been hurt.

Be careful what you sow into your woman, since, once spoken,  you cannot take words back. She will remember what you said, even if you now regret it! You can’t remove it, but you can sow words of appreciation, encouragement and respect for who she is.

Life is all about renewal. A married couple have to fall in love with each other afresh every day, otherwise the challenges will grow too large. All relationships need a freshness that comes as you reinvent the joys of spending time together. You have to talk to yourself and tell yourself continually, “I love her more than ever. This is the best season of our relationship yet!”

Consistent, loving affection between the two of you will be crucial in creating the right atmosphere in which to work just about anything else out.  As well as that, be at peace with the idea of accepting certain benign, yet annoying attributes of the other person. It’s OK if they aren’t everything you wanted.If you will entrust your them to God and determine to be a blessing, you can be happier than you ever thought possible. Celebrate your spouse for who they are in the good times and the bad times won’t be as rocky!

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