Why El-Shaddai Church?

When you first come to El-Shaddai Church you may find it a bit of an adjustment to fit in to begin with, because we don’t adhere to regular church tradition or even local culture.

We may be in England, but we aren’t a “British” church. We may be in America, but we aren’t an “American” church. We are in Africa, but we aren’t an “African” church. We understand that Jesus is not a local man, and so we cannot build a church culture that is based on any other culture. We have to build it on Kingdom culture alone.

Here are some distinctives of El-Shaddai:

  • We understand that our first calling is to be a child of God and to walk with Him every day. That is more important to us than anything else.
  • We experience the miraculous in our lives because we put God first. No church service is complete without His manifest presence!
  • Our worship is lively and engaging, and it is always focused on Jesus, not on us. As we worship Him together we set an atmosphere and prepare a place for the King to walk among us and take His place in our midst.
  • We have a culture of sacrifice and generosity. We serve the purposes of God with wholeheartedness.
  • We prioritize the things of God and bring our children up to understand that God is important. He’s not the first thing we drop when other options come crowding in.
  • There are no passengers in the church. We’re going to the nations and we recognize that we are at war for the souls of men. As we do so, we see incredible increase and blessing on our lives, because God has set up the Kingdom in such a way that the fastest way of getting a breakthrough in our own lives, is to minister to someone else.
  • In El-Shaddai we are givers, and we don’t need to be manipulated in order to tithe and sow. We will never line people up and make a show of how much they have given. We sow because we are honorable and because we are grateful for the incredible love and saving power of God in our lives.
  • We show up on time. Something happens in the realm of the spirit when we all passionately pursue the King.
  • We win souls. We are here on the planet to connect others to their eternal destiny and to draw them back from separation from their Heavenly Father.
  • We don’t sit on anyone, we lift them up. We operate in love and honor towards everyone because we are a global love revolution.

We would love for you to join us!

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7 Comments on Why El-Shaddai Church?

  1. Lois Dupas McNair // September 27, 2013 at 11:57 pm // Reply

    For this very reason that El Shaddai is sent to take the nations I thank God for my Pastor Ramson & Star Mumba. I am a partaker of this army not a passenger but a servant. El Shaddai Houston we are the love revolution and I’m honored to be given the opportunity to serve in this ministry!!!

  2. Jennifer Mulenga Chimbelu // September 28, 2013 at 8:33 am // Reply

    The Lord has worked in ways I can not describe without measure since stepped in the House of Elshadai London God Bless Pastors Ramson Mumba

  3. Amen! I am in total agreement with this.
    When I first set foot in El_Shaddai Christian Center on January 27th 2013 it’s like I was where I was meant to be and where I should have been all my life, but it was also like I was in a dream and could this be real! My mind is still blown when I reflect on how I came to be at El-Shaddai.
    The change in my life from the inside out has been phenomenal! and still changing day by day, I’m living as a free Christian should with “no condemnation” my GOD I never knew life could be so good till I heard the gospel of Jesus Christ which took the veil off and when my Pastor preached and painted the picture of JESUS and I saw JESUS my whole life changed forever. The Pastors love and care for the wellbeing of the people is just out of this world [never experienced love in the church like this before] the word gets to the very core of you’re soul [because it’s delivered with the same power but with love] and because of that it does what needs to be done in me without Pastor even laying on of hands [now that is more than welcomed and appreciated] how you’re admonished to worship GOD and not spectatorship and even the Pastors participate in worship, the excitement and wanting to give without being brow beaten, because as the word goes forth it quickens in my spirit and I’m saying to myself this is what I want to do for the KINGDOM so GOD you provide the money to do it [it’s wonderful! no gimmicks, no special recognition because one can give more than the other etc] you actually laugh in church as the word goes forth [unheard of where I came from because the word was always delivered with condemnation and anger] the love, the fellowship and the sense of feeling a part of a family [which it should be in church]and not ostracized. The Pastors genuinely wants to speak to you and actually respects and want to hear what you have to say. I am excited to go to fellowship and don’t want to leave when it’s over, wish it could continue all night or afternoon, 🙂 [ok I’m been greedy now] can’t wait till the next meeting just excited all around [unheard of with my experience with Christians and where I’ve come from] and because of this revelation, painted picture of Jesus, knowledge and understanding I share JESUS with whomever I meet the only difference now I can share the NEW COVENANT with the knowledge of the truth, the gospel of Jesus Christ and not from the old covenant. El-Shaddai is about evangelizing everyone, the ministry of reconciliation, Who would not want to be a part of this love revolution to show the nation how being a disciple of Jesus Christ should look and be like. I thank God for hearing my cry for help [even me been under the law] and sending that much needed help through Pastors Ramson and Star Mumba. the ANGELS of the LORD sent to us.
    Prayers and blessings always for you in all that you do, you’re sacrifice and love for us at El-Shaddai, you can rest assured I’m not a passenger, God can do something with me…giving the KINGDOM of GOD the ADVANTAGE.
    Love You bOTH

    • Brenda Akufuna // October 13, 2013 at 3:40 pm // Reply

      just to sum it up for me, my life has never been the same, I relate to my family, friends and every one so differently now. I don’t feel condemned or condemn others, just love. Thanks to pastors Ramson &Star Mumba. God bless you.

  4. God bless you Dr. Ram; you and Pastor Star give out honey without the sting from the bee!

  5. Its a good culture indeed. What about breaking bread together in memory of the King of Kings?

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