Relationships determine the quality of your life

My beautiful wife, Estrella is not just my wife, she is my home. I am so happy to return home to her. She is my first church and my first responsibility, and if I find I am not blowing her mind by being such an awesome husband, then that motivates me to up my game!

I told her, “If I go on to be with the Lord and you marry someone else, I guarantee he is going to hate me, because I am going to make sure that he will have a lot to live up to!”

Of course I am making a joke, but the principle holds true! My determined aim is to be the very best friend, companion and husband I can be for her.

Husbands, if your wife is not happy, take care of it! Don’t accuse her of being difficult. It is true that women are complicated, but they are also amazing. When she feels totally safe with you, she will also show you how amazing she can be!

The greatest reward you will ever have is that of investing your whole self into your wife or husband, allowing them to be human by finding it within yourself to forgive even their greatest mistakes, and loving them still.

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