Why do some women believe that there is no such thing as a good man?

Have you ever wondered why your life doesn’t seem to manifest the goodness of God as fully as you know it should?

The answer is not to receive a touch from God, or to call a fast, or to pray harder. The key issue is found obscured in a parable.

Throughout His ministry, Jesus often taught in parables, which contain the secrets to how life and the Kingdom of God work.

Hidden within the story of the farmer and the seed, Jesus lets you know that in anyone’s life  there will always be four elements: a sower, some seed, the soil and the harvest.

The seed is the words sown into your life.

The soil is the ground of your heart, or your inner man; the sower can be any person, who speaks into your life and the harvest is the type of life you lead, or in other words, the results you get.

Jesus is telling us that human beings are the product of the words they live under.

From the day you were born, people started sowing into the soil of your heart. The trouble is, that the soil is often unaware of the seed that has been sown into it, which simply started to work on it to produce a harvest from the seed sown.

The fact is that you are more contaminated than you think. All kinds of things have been sown into you over the years.

You may not realize you are racist until the time comes for your daughter to marry a man from another continent. Someone sowed that attitude into you and you didn’t even know you had it.

Some women believe that all men are dogs, and that there simply isn’t a good one out there! They don’t even know why they believe that, or when it all began.

Many people can’t even think of being a millionaire, yet no one ever sat them in a classroom and taught them why they couldn’t be. Yet they cannot even begin to imagine it. Someone sowed that seed into their hearts and now there is a ceiling on their lives because of it, since all of a man’s life will proceed out of his heart.

When you get saved you feel that you know what is right; but if you fail to be made new in the attitude of your mind, you are still capable of the same corrupt behavior as an unbeliever, because your heart will lie to you.

Who sowed inferiority into you? When did you accept that when life gets hard, you should commit suicide? Why do you believe that you can only ever be an employee and never an employer?

Since most of the time, you don’t even know what is in you, how can you trust yourself?

We can tell you are maturing in the things of God because you will choose not to trust yourself, but to trust the Word of God over your own thoughts.

As you do this, you are engaging in the process of putting off what the Bible calls “the old man”, otherwise called the “flesh” – which is nothing more than a mindset that doesn’t acknowledge God for who He is.

As you sow the Word into your heart, you will start to experience a different harvest: a life that demonstrates the goodness and the grace of God for real; because now your heart will be full of the will of God, which is His Word.

Your life isn’t going to be different based on how you feel about the future; it will be different based on the words you choose to live under; and trusting God ultimately means trusting His Word above your own.

Whose words will YOU choose to trust?

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3 Comments on Why do some women believe that there is no such thing as a good man?

  1. Good and uplifting Blog. Thank you Pastor for the illustration of the Sower, Seed, Soil and Harvest.

  2. I follow your preached on youtube and your website. You blessed me a lot . God bless you pastor.

  3. Anonymous // May 24, 2016 at 3:07 pm // Reply

    you really are a great motivator for god. You sow so much godly positivity into my life.I cannot help but tell people who needs a closer walk with God to just visit the church just once to have a god trusting life.

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