The malady of mankind is disconnectedness

The root of so many of the issues that arise in life is a lack of connectedness. Isolation; aloneness and a feeling of disconnect from others.

Back at the very beginning, mankind became disconnected with their maker, and at the same time, lost the ability to relate rightly and harmoniously with one another.

Nevertheless, the hunger for connection with others in meaningful relationship remains big on the inside of all of us.

In the midst of this dilemma, God has reached out to take the vital step to heal that gap. He has decided to love us whatever we do. He invested His whole self in us, without any guarantee of a return on that investment.

Romans 5:8 tells us that, ” God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

In this, God went first; choosing to never be offended with any of us; and like Him we are now empowered to be generous and extravagant with our love, so that we, too can be part of the solution.

The truth is, that while we all still have needs, until we see ourselves as contributors in life, we will never mature. It is in giving that we will be able to receive that which we need also.

As you come up against the lives of others, what deposit do you leave with them? For myself I have decided that everyone I have to do with is going to be better off because they came into contact with my life.

Offense is simply too expensive to play around with. Meanness is not in your renewed nature. Walls of hostility may work in keeping out hurt associated with failed attempts to love and be loved; but they also keep out future possibilities of ever finding relationships that are a blessing.

That’s why at El-Shaddai we know we are caught in the midst of a love revolution. Whatever people do, we commit to still loving them. no person is simply expendable if we don’t like them! We know that each and every person is significant to the plan of God. Why else would He entrust us with the ministry of reconciliation? The most precious commodity is people, not principles, and for that reason we have declared that this is an offense-free zone.

And then, when we believe we have found that special someone, with whom we can start to build a relationship of a more intimate nature, we don’t invest too much too soon, because we know that is the fastest way to get in a mess.

However when we come to the point of commitment in a relationship, and we get married, we give it all.

As men we don’t play games and give ourselves the luxury of “commitment issues.” Really what that means is that we want to reserve the right to have a different woman every month, because we think that will fulfill our manhood. But Jesus was the ultimate man, and He gave Himself fully, once and for all. If you want to be maximized in your manhood, pour your life out for the woman of your choice, without holding back.

Ladies, don’t hold out on your man. Be available to him and satisfy his needs. Allow him to connect with you and don’t force him to treat you like a prostitute, making him pay you with favors to get you to sleep with him. Your physical relationship has a profoundly spiritual side and you will be amazed at how secure you feel with your man once you yield in order to connect.

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1 Comment on The malady of mankind is disconnectedness

  1. Femi Dasilva // April 1, 2014 at 4:26 am // Reply

    Bishop, I am so thankful for your messages. Thank you for obeying God to serve Him in life and ministry, it has resulted in my life being transform. Your messages are like the SAS in the UK, & the SBS in the USA. your messages has continuously lifted my spirit and help boosted my faith…. The good thing is that it continues to do so!

    I hereby submit myself and ministry to your oversight.

    Yours in Him

    Revd. Femi Ige dasilva


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