The power of your obedience

Do you ever wonder exactly what God wants? Exodus 19: 5 gives us an insight that unlocks a whole lot of understanding for us. It says,” Now therefore, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be a special treasure to Me above all people; for the Earth is Mine”

God wants you as His special treasure. He wants to lift you high above all peoples of the Earth and make you distinguished and honored, because you belong uniquely to Him.

It also tells us God’s path for this to come to pass – it is the path of obedience to Him.

In fact Isaiah 1:19 breaks it down even further, when it says simply, “If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.”

Although the Old Covenant, under which these things were written, has now passed away, and been replaced by the New Covenant – the era of grace; God’s heart is still the same. Although we cannot qualify for God’s blessing via our obedience, God still looks for someone, the bent of whose heart is to obey Him in all things.

Obedience is easy all the time that you agree with what you are being told to do. Maybe right now it looks for all the world like you are an obedient Christian because you like what you do; you enjoy your relationships, you have a great job where things flow for you,  and you serve in an area of church that pleases you and is convenient for you. But true obedience doesn’t really begin until you personally disagree with the instruction you are being given.

What are you going to do when God sends you to China, but you like America? Will you be like the kid who takes out the trash as asked, but he bangs it all about and spills it on the ground?

You might obey God, but will you do so only out of a sense of duty? If so your attitude will disqualify you because your relationship with your Lord is transactional.

That begs the question: is He really Lord? Or are you trying to cash in on having a Savior, while trying to get away without having Him as Lord?

Sometimes we say that a Christian has backslidden, but many times, the issue is that they never front-slid! – In other words, that they never surrendered to His lordship in the first place!

Maybe you came to church to get help with your marriage, or to get your bills paid – maybe you wanted to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend. All those things are important, but maybe, in the midst of seeking your own answer, you never took the step of making Him Lord.

Having Jesus as Lord means that you switch from telling Him what you want all the time, to asking Him what HE wants for you.

When you really love the Lord, you want to please Him. I remember when I discovered that my life is not my own and I realized I had to give up my old girlfriend and quit smoking.

It took me six months of saying, “I died to that” to settle my heart and get free of all that.  It sounded silly at the start, but I kept going because it was a revelation to me that when Jesus died, I also died, and I am no longer living for myself. My desire is to be His special treasure.

What does the grace of God mean to you today? Are you taking it as a license to live as you want to, or are you letting it empower you as the Word says, to deny ungodliness, and live for Him. (Titus 2: 11-12)

This is true Christianity. It isn’t OK to keep doing what you and I want. We now have an owner, we are purchased by someone else.

It’s illegal to live for yourself. You have to give up the spirit of offense and forgive them, no matter what they did to hurt you. The Holy Ghost has shed the love of God abroad in your heart for those who are hard to love.

Every place where you have a mess, is because you are still alive! I know there have been plenty of times in the past when I went over there and exhumed the old Ramson Mumba and took myself to my enemies to give them a piece of my mind. Then I buried my old self again and went to church to praise God!

It’s time to be the real thing, and in order to be that, I recognize I need people in my life who don’t just leave me to myself. I decided to value the people who genuinely love me enough to instruct me. That’s why Jesus called Judas His friend, because Judas forced Jesus to go through with His purpose. Judas was the most significant disciple of Jesus.

Some people you call your friends are hindering your purpose because they are excusing your foolishness! They might be easy to hang out with, but if you really want to go into your purpose, you need to find someone who will challenge you, even if it hurts sometimes!

Start with where you are today. Tell Him, “Lord, I am still living for myself. Take my life and make it a living sacrifice. It is my reasonable service.”

As you recommit and rededicate your life and tell Him that all that you are is His, there is a great release of the anointing in your life. Why? Because obedience is the surest way to access the power and favor of God. Enjoy your reward!


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