What to do if they turn their back on you

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Have you got to the point in life yet, where you have discovered the blessing of a closed door?

Closed doors are painful at the time, especially because it is often someone you know who closed it! You believed your best friend would help you, but when it came to it, they were nowhere to be found. You thought that your boyfriend would propose, but he went off with your cousin instead. These experiences can be heartbreaking when they first happen, because we thought something would go in a certain direction and our hopes are suddenly dashed.

Losing a relationship that meant a lot to you can hurt you so badly that you start to believe you are not worth loving, but if someone turns their back on you after you have given them your best, you must realize that it is actually nothing to do with you; they just didn’t have the sense to recognize your worth!

People who reject you and close doors for you are often threatened by you and your brilliance. As an anointed individual, don’t be confused that the reason some people don’t like you is because of you. This is just something you have to learn to deal with without letting it overwhelm you.

In fact, life often seems to demand that you live with a situation of rejection, that challenges you every day. What about Noah, who preached for 120 years and no one listened to him or believed his message. Or Leah whose husband, Jacob, openly preferred his other wife, Rachel. You may rub shoulders continually with people who could be nice to you, but they choose to close their heart to you, because they love power games more than being open and warm towards you. You may be able to brush some of these people off without too much trouble, but what do you do when you love someone who is not feeding you back? Or when your family hates your guts? These instances are tough, but God has a way through for you.

Watch out that you don’t let rejection by someone significant to you rob you of your self-worth!  You are not unlovely, and you have to accept that. Decide: I deserve to be loved! Say that to yourself. Don’t say, “I’m not sure anyone will ever like this!” Somebody will want what you are. Someone is going to say that you are the best thing that God ever created. You just need to believe God to connect you with that person.

Rejection and closed doors are a part of life and you have to learn to step back from the emotional aspects and let God use it to shift you to the place He wants you to be. Get a fresh perspective, because If they hadn’t turned their back on, you would have stayed comfortable in the clique, and maybe you would have never discovered your destiny. If they hadn’t fired you at the old place, maybe you would never have found this better opportunity.

Believe me, there is coming a day when you will be so grateful to God that they rejected you and that the door you wanted them to open for you closed in your face. You will feel like going to thank them for what they did, because God will take you higher and further than would have been possible if you had stayed.

Don’t get stuck on trying to find out why they treated you as they did. When you find the answers it still won’t heal your wound; what will heal you is to know that God wasn’t asleep when they did what they did and He will still work it around to make sure it works together for your good! Every season of sorrow has its own reward.

God is faithful. He is alive and well and your future is still in His hands. No matter what the devil tried to do in sending those experiences your way, you will come out on top because He is faithful. Regardless of who started it, with God we cannot lose.

Don’t waste time fussing with people, looking for a place to win the argument and gain competitive advantage, or fighting with your boss to prove that what he or she did was unfair. Go to God on it, and let Him speak a Word to you about your future.

The reason many Christians are still embarrassed before their detractors and critics is because they don’t have a Word concerning what God will do for them. But if you will persevere until you get a fresh Word in your situation, and then stick with that Word you will come back with a testimony. Every time!!!





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3 Comments on What to do if they turn their back on you

  1. This is so true! I am inspired, knowing that God has the Best for me. Thank you Sir.

  2. Wow! What a word! What a message! So greatful it has build and inspired me great deal.

  3. lwanda ndlela // August 2, 2016 at 12:49 am // Reply

    This revelation has sent tears to my eyes & a bolt of fresh revelation & love for my Abba. Indeed Dr Mumba , rejection can keep us frm discovering our destiny & a special word frm the Holy Spirit because we concentrate on why we are being rejected. I know this because I thought there is something wrong with me because my family rejects me because I am a born again believer. I thought maybe I come across as aggressive or I’m over emotional maybe I’m not referring to allot of scripture becoz one thing i know is evident that is im no longer who i used to be & my family can see the power of Jesus tht has transformed me without me even trying.I have choosen life. I have choosen Jesus and I come frm generations of idol worshippers. People who go to religious churches & still slaughter goats & cows to their ancestors. Of course I don’t go to these gatherings as my worship is exclusively for God. My family hates my guts & close their hearts/doors each time I preach to them. Your message has encouraged me soo much becoz I have received a word from the Lord concerning my life my destiny. I lost my job 3 & a half years ago when I was starting as a believer. We were caught up in a disciplinary process with my ex employer & my boss wanted me out! At the time my boss was new I had been working there before she came on board. I did not understand what was the problem was. In the process there was so many mistakes they were making & delaying the process they didn’t have witnesses & so forth & at the time I was pregnant with my second son. I was tired until I received a word from the Lord @ tht time I was not even spiritually mature. But I could hear in my heart the Lord telling me to let go to walk away from the fight. I struggled day & night with it everyone around me told me to fight if I say I was not wrong then I must prove it by fighting till I won the case. To be honest my mind wanted so badly to revenge my boss but my heart was soo tender. I didn’t understand it but I let go. The Lord let me to open my own company after I had been in my dad’s company for 2 yrs. I received His word His direction. Though some doors my close & tht hurts still I have joy because I know that my Father in heaven does not sleep nor slumber & He has a good plan for me for my future & destiny & I just laugh when I’m supposed to be bitter to those who rejected me. They have just played a role in me getting to another level! I can’t help but my heart just melts & is tender. Strange, but it’s because I’m being fed by the love tht is beyond my understanding. I dont know why i deserve it. The love of Jesus is amazing indeed. I praise God in Jesus name. On 01 Aug 2016 6:02 AM, “Welcome To The Realm Of Unlimited Possibilities” wrote: > > Ramson Mumba posted: ” Have you got to the point in life yet, where you have discovered the blessing of a closed door? Closed doors are painful at the time, especially because it is often someone you know who closed it! You believed your best friend would help you, but when ” >

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