Success isn’t complicated

5-26-16 7

The drive for success is an inbuilt desire. No one wants to fail and for their life to come to nothing! But did you know that success is simply a way of behaving and a way of doing things?

It isn’t even so much the result of doing a list of specifics. For example, you can get a PhD and still not achieve anything of worth to humanity. In fact, it’s as startling as this: two people who do the same things will get different results based on the vision of themselves and where they are going on the inside of them as they do it!

The secret is to have an inner conviction that you are going somewhere! You aren’t destined to spend your whole life struggling at the bottom, barely making it. The Word tells us that we are above only and never beneath. It’s time to KNOW that with every fiber of your being, and never to doubt God’s commission over your life to achieve greatness in whatever project or endeavor He motivates you to embark on.

Whether it is a relationship or a business, a family or a ministry, God will cause you to prosper in it. You have to believe that even in the face of discouragements and adversity. You have to know that you were born to rise up and to succeed. You were born to go somewhere and to show forth the glory of God as your life becomes a trophy of His ability to lift you, and of His grace to keep you.

Start to get intense about where you are going. Don’t be lazy about your goals and dreams, but work on carrying yourself as if you really are going somewhere!

Start every day by declaring that this is your best day yet! That today you are at optimum performance and you are making the best progress possible in the area of your dream.

If you want to be married, carry yourself as though you are a great catch! Dress well, not provocatively, because you don’t want to advertise your goods cheaply; do your hair, and stand tall. If you want to make it in business, smarten up what you are doing. Give it 100% every day. Realize that you can’t have success on your own terms! You have to become what is required or it will elude you.

The victory is in you. It’s in your excitement, your determination, your consistency and your diligence. Your outward manifestation will show what is already on the inside and you will be unstoppable. It won’t matter who doesn’t like you, or who tries to contain you, God will make a way for you, when you engage with that kind of intensity and faith.

Give up insecurity and take control over your thoughts of doubt that you have what it takes to make it. The grace of God is on your side! If He called you He is able to take you there. As you set your faith and focus on where you are going, and everything that you are running towards will start coming towards you.

Praying for you as always!



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4 Comments on Success isn’t complicated

  1. Amen. Thank you Prophet for powerful words of wisdom they built.

  2. Sharonrose Jones // July 16, 2016 at 3:28 pm // Reply

    I loved this blog sir i would like to know more abt how to motivate yourself yes sometimes u may have the drive to thrive even in the hardest situations but how do u kill that inner critic that always pops out of nowhere even if u have wrked so hard to achieve something you find yourself quitting and that superb opportunity flies..

  3. I sometimes feel discouraged to even pray especially when things don’t go that well. How can one clearly hear the voice of the Holy Spirit since He is the One Jesus promised to be my helper, councillor, teacher? I love teaching the word of God and to listen to great Teachers like you Pastor. Shalom!

  4. Thank you so much, this is great. Many regain their way to living the life God has for them.

    God bless you!!

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