How life gets better


Did you know that, as a believer you are supposed to know what your future will look like, and what God is about to do in your life?

We are not like the unbelievers who are taken by surprise and who haven’t had a chance to prepare or to plan. We have the Holy Ghost who was sent to show us things to come.

This is one of the main things that has gotten screwed up with today’s concept of the church. For one thing, many people want to run their Christian life without the Holy Ghost. They are embarrassed at what their sophisticated friends will think if they start praying in other tongues, so they have developed the “seeker sensitive” approach to ensure that newcomers aren’t scared away by this supernatural phenomenon.

Not only that but nowadays we have so many Christians who have no church, but pick and choose who they will listen to on Christian TV and over the internet, without ever letting God plant them in a local church.

Yet it is the flow of the Holy Ghost through the anointed man or woman of God, under whose covering God has placed you, that is the key to this flow of supernatural wisdom in your life.

You see, Psalm 139 gives us the insight that our whole lives are written before a single day actually comes to be. It’s a simple thing for God to take a page from your future and show you what it will look like ahead of time, and when you come to church, He will give you cues and clues about what is going on. In fact, you will get the uncanny feeling that someone has had a camera running at your house, just like the King of Syria in 2 Kings 6:12. This is how accurate and specific the Holy Ghost will be!

If you are ever going to win in life, you will need this type of wisdom. Proverbs 4 tells us that wisdom is the main ingredient for life. Just as when you bake a cake, if you don’t have flour, the cake won’t turn out like it is supposed to, since it is the main ingredient; so if you try to bake the cake called your life without wisdom flowing, it won’t taste very good!

Without this continual flow of wisdom, you will become  married to one way of doing things in your life and without realizing it you will become average. You will frustrate your own desire to reach for the fullness of your potential. Life is continually demanding that you get better, that you bring something fresh to the table and that you are increasing and improving all the time. That is how life gets better the longer you live.

The success that you are reaching for, will not come to you simply because you want it! But it will come to you as you respond to the voice of the Holy Ghost, teaching you how to grow and adjust, and how to raise your game because you already have an understanding of what is around the corner for you. What an awesome way to live – constantly moving forward and getting better!

There are two things that will be vital for you: firstly, commit yourself to the covering of a man of God where the Word is going forth under the anointing. Let God show you the brook from which he wants to feed you the bread of life, which is the NOW Word for you!

Secondly, give yourself permission to be malleable. You can’t be one thing your whole life. If everything about you has been the same for the last twenty years, you are missing out on what God has for you.  If you stay too rigid and won’t change, you will end up complaining to others around you that they have changed, because you feel left behind.

The best compliment you can give me is that I have changed! I don’t want to be the same guy who arrived in the UK with twenty pounds in my pocket, working three jobs to live one life. I have changed so that I can help more people.

I don’t want to hear, “I heard Ramson Mumba, he used to preach good!” I want people to be saying, “When he comes he will preach me happy. I will be glad I came when he is here.”

If you are not changing you are dying. Are other moving on without you and you aren’t sure why? Does it seem as though you are getting fired in life by people who should be giving you more credibility, yet they dismiss you? It is because you failed to catch the things that the Holy Ghost is telling you about your future that will carry you forward. Don’t panic! The Lord will order your steps as you keep walking in dynamic relationship with Him, showing you things to come and teaching you how to get better to meet tomorrow’s fresh realities.

It is never too late for you, even if you have already messed up in an area of your life – keep walking. Don’t go into hiding, and withdraw from church or from God because of the hurt, because you won’t recover that way. God will heal you as you keep walking. There will be a fresh chance, a fresh relationship and a fresh assignment for you if you will keep walking, and keep putting yourself in the place where the wisdom of God can be revealed to you.

Don’t forget, I am praying for you!


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1 Comment on How life gets better

  1. charmaine bruce // July 13, 2016 at 9:37 am // Reply

    Good day, many thanks for great, inspiring teachings, filled with the wisdom of God. Really worthwile, and something to look foreward. God bless you, keep it on

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