Having the edge in life

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Just imagine for a moment that you were a man cutting fire wood with an axe. Now picture the difference between working with a sharpened axe compared to a blunt one. The sharpened edge would slice through the wood at the first blow, but the blunt axe head would get easily embedded in the wood, and you would have to use at least twice as much time and effort to transform your huge logs into a pile of usable firewood.

The book of Ecclesiastes uses this image to describe life. It says this in chapter 10, verse 10:

If the axe is dull,
And one does not sharpen the edge,
Then he must use more strength;
But wisdom brings success.

If you are living life without the wisdom of God, everything takes longer and your strength is drained in the process. Wisdom, however, is the sharpened axe edge – it brings success the first time you attempt something, because you applied practical insight and understanding from the Word of God to your project or endeavor.

Imagine if you had ten months and were only able to accomplish one month’s work, compared to if you had one month, and were able to accomplish ten months’ work! That’s the effect of the wisdom of God on our lives.

Isaiah 11:1-3 lets us know that wisdom is an anointing. The book of James chapter 1 verse 5, emphasizes that wisdom can be obtained from God simply by asking. It’s not going to be dependent on how good an education you had, or who your father was, but on whether you are willing to ask for it.

Imagine if you could get out of the cycle of making the same mistake again and again, finding yourself back in the same mess, even though you promised yourself you’d do better this time! You thought experience had taught you that lesson, but in spite of what they told you, you discovered that experience is not the best teacher. You need wisdom – and not just any wisdom – you need the wisdom of God.

Discerning the wisdom of God from popular wisdom is a vital key.

From day one, life schools us in being self-seeking. We are automatically trained to think the opposite to the word of God. In the world you have to be self-promoting; in the Kingdom of God, the greatest among you is the least. You have to wake up to the fact that it is possible that everything you know to do is actually wrong!

James 3:15 sums up the wisdom of God as sensuous, or ruled by our feelings at the time. You feel angry so you let rip; you feel afraid so you manipulate to gain control. Thinking this way is demonic, in that it allows the enemy to use us to negatively affect others. The devil is a disembodied spirit and he always needs to work through a person. Christian or not, you cooperate with him when you act in line with the wisdom of the world.

There was a time in my life when God was training me to walk in His wisdom, and He simply told me to do the opposite of what I was feeling. Many times, locating the wisdom of God can be that simple!

The wisdom of God is first of all pure. What are the motives behind your plans? If you have calculated the results of what you are about to do, it isn’t pure.

Secondly the wisdom of God is peace loving. Ask yourself, will this course of action bring peace? If the promotion will bring strife and discord in your home, the wisdom of God is not to take it, even if the money would be better. The peace of your home and your family cannot be bought with money, but it can be preserved with wisdom.

The wisdom of God is gentle, and merciful. Imagine if there was mercy at your house; what would your life be like? Every human being needs mercy for their mistakes. You can’t ask another to remove hurt from your heart that only God can remove, even if they put it there. If they say sorry, don’t make them jump through hoops to make the point.

The wisdom of God yields. If you go through life rebelling, the truth is that you are not the only one. You think you are making a statement that you are your own man, but that is the wisdom of the world. Independence from God, is the definition of sin, but the wisdom of God yields. Can you give in, or do you have to have your way all the time?

Remember, wisdom is an anointing, and when it goes into operation it will remove burdens and destroy yokes in your life. Declare it with me right now:

I believe that I receive the wisdom of God. From this day forward my life and my family and everything I do is totally different because I have the wisdom of God. I have the anointing of wisdom, and because of that burdens and removed and yokes are destroyed. My motives are pure, I am gentle and I have peace and I am willing to yield to your will, and I receive all the breakthroughs that you have for me. In Jesus’ name!

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4 Comments on Having the edge in life

  1. Anonymous // July 9, 2016 at 7:15 am // Reply

    I pray for God to anoint me with wisdom.

    Hallelujah Amen and Amen for a powerful word.

  2. i receive wisdom rght now

  3. Just following the Man of God Dr. Ramson Mumba on you-tube & on the blog here in ZAMBIA has been a life transforming experience. I was looking for a man of God who can teach me the word with Apostolic Authority, Depth of a Prophet, cross cutting like an Evangelist, Mentoring & Shephereding like a Pastor and mostly Teach for one to understand like a Teacher. Dr Ramson, one day you may read my message, please know that you a 5 Fold Office mentoring thousands of people like. Thank you so much for this post and imparting wisdom to us. love your teachings and I love you sir.

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