Developing the leader in you

Pastors and Leaders 2016

When Moses led the people of Israel, the pressure made him suicidal! Even though he was a truly great and anointed leader, the weight of carrying the people in his bosom was too great for him on his own. Welcome to the reality of leadership! In fact, you are not leading anything significant if you have never quit on Sunday night!!! (Only to show up again the next morning to go again)

When Moses cried out to the Lord about it, God did a surprising thing: He took of the spirit that was on Moses and put it on 70 of the elders serving around him.

Notice that this was something that God did – Moses was powerless to make it happen – and notice too that God placed MOSES’ spirit on the elders. It reports in the book of 1 Corinthians 10:2 that the Israelites were baptized into Moses at this point. The same heart and vision that Moses had received from God, now came into them also. This is the order of God.

How astonishing that Moses’ spirit was so great that it was able to fill up 70 individuals, who could then collectively do the job, and yet he still wasn’t able to carry them alone.

The reason is that God never raises us up by ourselves. You may have the capacity but you will never make it until you get in a team The question is not whether or not you are brilliant; you are indeed brilliant but you were not designed to walk alone.

When Moses called the 70 to the tent of meeting to receive their impartation, two didn’t show up, yet  the spirit of Moses still came upon Eldad and Medad. (Numbers 11:26-17) Look at the grace of God! Maybe you know God called you but you are trying to ignore it, yet God is still anointing you; there is something inside that keeps bothering you even while you try to hide among others and look normal. I pray that the intensity of that bothering will increase. You will prophesy while you are right there at your workplace. God is not going to leave you alone!

The most amazing lesson in all these things is that, as one called to lead, you have something inside you that you don’t know you have. Moses didn’t know that his capacity was so great that it would take 70 people to contain what God had placed inside of him. Eldad and Medad didn’t know that they were able to contain the impartation that God had for them.

As human beings called to a supernatural assignment, you have to make a switch in how you think about yourself. You think you are Simon and he tells you, you are Peter. You think you are weak and unstable, but you are stronger than what the gates of hell can offer. You are all the help God needs to touch every people group in the world and to heal this generation. Right now you may be struggling, but when the spirit of God comes upon you, you will be turned into another man. You will have to go back and study the person you have become.

I wasn’t born strong. I wasn’t the first one people would have picked. The revelation of who He is began to show me who I am. Some of His super began to come on my natural. I began to discover who I am.

Even if you are not called to the five-fold ministry, your greater purpose is the Kingdom of God. You can’t serve God on the sidelines, or in a corner by yourself. God has a specific place for you, just like Elijah had to go to a particular widow at Zarephath to be taken care of.  Come under the authority of your local church leadership, and let God show you who you are and how much He has placed in you.

Don’t try to satisfy the deeper longings that you have for the purposes of God with alcohol, sex, parties, passionate interests or even worthwhile careers; the place of safety and security is to say, “I believe God saw something in me”, and then to yield to it. You will be amazed at the leader you turn out to become!




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5 Comments on Developing the leader in you

  1. Thank you Sir, this has spoken into my Spirit and today I say, “I believe God saw something in me.”

  2. emmanuel mumba // June 20, 2016 at 10:47 am // Reply

    Glory be to God Almighty for this wonderful message. Indeed God has deposited something special in my life to enable me serve in His vineyard. I open my heart to receive the anointing and impartation that will introduce me to myself. Thank you Pastor, keep the teaching and intercessory prayers flowing. Stay blessed.

  3. Amen!!!

  4. Dwain Andrepont // June 26, 2016 at 7:59 pm // Reply

    Right on time as usual. The arena is filled with spectators and even players that sit by on the sideline waiting and watching. The game is for those who will go after it with all their heart.

  5. What an excellent word on leadership. Thank you Dr. Mumba.

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