No shortfall. No mess. No burnout.

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I don’t know about you, but when I first read Psalm 23, I decided to claim the Lord as MY personal shepherd. I liked the next line “I shall not want.”   I decided, “He is the shepherd of my soul and I don’t lack for anything.” The longer I live the more I appreciate belonging to God, and my whole life being in His hands. He can take care of me far better than I can.

This isn’t just a nice sentiment, there is a relationship between the Lord being your shepherd and having your wants taken care of. I remember the day when God showed me that in any area of challenge, He is yet to take charge of it, and I am yet to yield!

This is a tough admission, but think hard and don’t lie to yourself! Concede something because it will set you up to have mastery, where right now you are floundering. The areas of challenge are the areas where you are least yielded. It took me a while to accept this; it’s hard to argue with someone who is always right!

Think of it like this, “Maybe I have less of a challenge and more of a shepherd-deficit. If God’s leads me and determines the direction and I act on it, I should have a surplus. If I have less joy, satisfaction, breakthrough and peace, and yet I start to believe that looking right is the same as being right, then there are areas where God is not leading me.”

You have to really be honest with yourself. We are not talking about mental assent, but belief. We agree that Jesus should be Lord, but that doesn’t mean we yield to His Lordship!

You don’t get healed because you know God is a healer, or by looking for someone to pray for you, but by taking the Word on healing, standing on it in your own home and knowing that the healing power of God is working in you. Then you know you have yielded to His Lordship in the area of healing.

I accept that I am saved and that God takes care of me. Don’t be awake at night. He that watches over Israel neither sleeps or slumbers, therefore there is no point my being awake. I choose to rest since God takes care of me.

Yielding means no fretting. Do you think God can take care of the birds and fail to take care of you? God was trying to establish your value, when He said in Matthew 6:26

Look at the birds of the air, for they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? Do you really think I will take care of the flower as if it is more valuable than you?

Ignorance of your own worth is the reason you feel disconnected, yet God has made Himself one with you. For you to say you are stranded is for you to say that God contradicts himself; for you to say He won’t help you is to say He is not your God. He didn’t become your God because you asked Him, He is your God because He decided to create you in His image. The day you believe that He is completely responsible for you, you will let Him lead you.

Letting God lead you is an issue of trust. As human beings we trust other people more easily than God despite all the evidence.

If you don’t believe that is true of you, think about the last time you went to the doctor, and afterwards, you got the medication and took it religiously! You acted on the word of the doctor because you trusted him. But the Lord said in Proverbs 4:20-22 that we should take the Word as medicine, and that we should use it to pour life into our bodies, yet you don’t take the prescription from the Word, just the doctor’s one. It’s a trust issue.

If you want to walk in peace, forgive. Act like God and forgive for your own sake! I live free from bitterness and resentment, because I have accepted that there is a prescription for the balm, but I have to take it. I have to yield.

When the Word says that you shall not want, it is talking about the level of luxury, not just of need. That is the level God wants to take you to, but you have to trust His way of doing things. You feel secure when you have “got them told”, but you have to believe that God will fight your battles. How much do you trust this God that you worship?

In everything I allowed God to take over, I find Him guiltless. I cannot point my finger at God and tell Him He did me wrong when I did what He said. No short fall. No mess. No burn out. He gave me the strength to do what He told me to do. When I added extra things I got tired.

What do you think, is God guilty of failing to perform His Word? Like Sarah, you must judge Him faithful in order to produce His promise.

You may ask, “How do I trust Him to go and do all these things, not knowing the fullness of His counsel?” God holds back some information and that is a stumbling block to our minds! He believes He is God.

Don’t be stuck on why certain things happened the way they did. When you find the answers it still won’t heal your wound! The thing that will heal you is to know that God wasn’t asleep when they did what they did, and He will still work it around to make sure it works together for your good.

God is faithful. He is alive and well and your future is still in His hands. No matter what the devil tried to do, He knows how to lead you into green pastures and beside still waters.  Yield to Him!

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3 Comments on No shortfall. No mess. No burnout.

  1. I judge you Faithful my God!

  2. You are speaking to me Pastor – Amen

  3. Amended for powerful words they strengthen.

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