Discovering your Kingdom assignment

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As a pastor I have had the privilege of talking to many older people right before they died, and there is one truly striking thing that is common to all those precious dialogues and interactions that I want to share with you: People at the end of their lives typically do not express regret at what they had done, even when they have made some pretty terrible mistakes over the years; they regret what they have never been bold enough to attempt, even though the opportunity had been there, due to fear of someone’s opinion, fear of failure or simply because no one else was doing it at the time.

The “maybes” and the “what ifs” are what haunt us as human beings if we live our lives playing safe and never taking a risk on what we really would dearly love to do.

What if you could have been great or you could have graduated with that PhD? What if only you had forgiven or said sorry instead of holding that grudge, or what if you hadn’t walked out?

What if you went through life conforming to the social norm of being just another church attender in your local town, thinking that God didn’t want much with your life because no opportunities ever really opened up for you there, but in fact the real reason was that God had anointed you for another place? He was trying to send you somewhere to take the gospel, but you didn’t factor in the possibility that those inner promptings could be really Him?

Your Kingdom assignment isn’t necessarily in the place where you were born. Why should you be confined to the culture and the environment that you have always known? Maybe you are given to a different race, other than the one you would identify with in natural terms.

My own life is an example. I am not sent to just black people, or just to Zambians. The scope of influence that God has given to me is wider than that. Zambia is certainly part of God’s plan for my life, but I would have missed God if I had assumed that it would be the sole plan.

The issue is, where do you come alive? What if you are an African American but God called you to Spanish people? What if you are European but your assignment is in Africa? You may be like Ruth who was from Moab, a cursed race, but her destiny was to rule in Israel!

Don’t assume that everything has to be at your doorstep. You are not just a natural person; Ephesians 2:20 lets you know that there is power working in you as a born again believer. It’s a priceless treasure of supernatural, divine life and ability.  Don’t you dare live a small life like someone without any treasure on the inside!

 I pray that even as you are reading this, the anointing of God is coming all over you and a new awareness of your destiny is awakening. Maybe this is why it didn’t work for you around your old neighbors and friends because God did not intend for that to be your biggest place of influence for Him. Just maybe there is another place where the people are hungry to receive what you have to bring.

Christians have been trying to get God to fit in with their life plans, instead of being willing to fit their lives around God’s plans.

The problem is, that when you try to squeeze Him into your little plans, you discover that He is TOO BIG to fit! That is why you have to be bold enough to take the risk of adapting your life to fit His big plan because He can take you places you never even dreamt of.

How about you take the same approach that the lepers did in 2 Kings 7:3-5: “Since we are dying here, at this closed gate, we may as well take a risk on stepping out on the Word and seeing if God will come through for us!”

Maybe you are like Elijah and your brook has dried up because it is time for you to go and minister to someone else, but you are still trying to drink from that same brook that you have been at all your life. You are still at the same church even though you receive nothing and you do nothing there; you are still at the same job even though you don’t even like it – you even do your hair the same way you have done it as long as you can remember! Take a look at your life: if the furniture in your house is the same way it has been for the last 20 years, that is a sure sign that something is wrong!

Don’t try to live today according to yesterday’s Word.  He gave you an instruction and you thought it was THE instruction for your life. Maybe He told you to get into that business, so that you could then take a different direction, but you thought you had to stay in that arena for ever. He was just taking you to the intersection so that you could take a different turn, but you want to stay on the same road.  You are in danger of sacrificing your Isaac instead of understanding that there is a lamb caught in a thicket, and there is a different way to do this.

I am praying for you today, that the Lord would open the eyes of your understanding so that you can perceive accurately what it is that the Lord is working on in your life. Lift up your eyes because it is your time to arise and shine! This is your time!

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6 Comments on Discovering your Kingdom assignment

  1. Lord, open the eyes of my understanding, so that I can perceive accurately what you are working in my life. Was listening to El-Shaddai Houston Wednesday Message, it really challenged me. Thank you Sir!

  2. Lord, open the eyes of my understanding, so that I can perceive accurately that which you are working on in my life. Was listening to the message you preached on Wednesday and it really challenged me. Thank you Sir.

  3. olivis33 // May 6, 2016 at 5:11 pm // Reply

    Oh Yes! I come alive under your ministry. Thank you for this blog!

  4. When you talk about people who express their regrets in the last days,i remember my biological father who was a traditional doctor,in the month that he died,he ordered me to burn and destroy all his stuff related to his tradition and told me not try this stuff in my life and focus on that time i didn’t understand what he is really telling me because we were attending catholic church,and i saw no difference of being present or absent at church,meaning all of his stories were parables.But i would like to thank God that one year after his death i became born again and now i am fulfilling God’s promise

  5. Wow, this is one of the most powerful messages I have ever read. Dr Mumba, God always speaks through you to my heart. This is my message. May the good God bless you and your beautiful wife. My husband and I send our love to you both. May He continue using you whenever you go and may He crown all yr efforts with success. God be with you pastor.

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