A Strategy To Reach A Generation

4-16-15 2


Right at this time, God is stirring my heart with so much excitement and so great a sense of urgency that I am compelled to write to you! I hope that you will receive this message in the same spirit that it is being sent – with no other agenda than that of promoting and giving advantage to God and to His purposes in the Earth.

As many of you will already know, since I have spoken about it before, I resisted the call of God in my life as a young man. Like everyone else, I had my own plans, ambitions and desires for what to do with my life, and they were good plans! I told God, “I will serve you when I am 70; but for now I have things to do!”

The day I yielded my life, was the day I understood the value of a human soul. I heard the cry of God’s heart when I read the verse in Isaiah 6: 8, “Who shall I send and who will go for us?” and the desperation of his heart pierced me, because I saw that there are not many people who will go for Him. I understood that compared to all my plans and pursuits, awesome and legitimate as they were, there was a calling that was higher and more important even than those things – and it was the call to go for God in my generation.

I yielded there and then, and it has been an awesome journey. I am bowled over at His mercy and kindness towards me. If I had ten lives I would yield them all because of His handling of me. Yet at this point, I have been challenged to surrender again as His purposes for my life and for those of the entire El-Shaddai family have suddenly intensified.

As we went to Cape Town, South Africa, less than a month ago, to plant El-Shaddai Cape Town, little did I know that God would send people to me who would open significant doors for us to start churches in Durban and Johannesburg also! What a surprise that has been as God has accelerated our progress and impact, giving us hundreds of people in a matter of weeks!

Things are happening faster than I could even hope for and God has impressed on me once again that the true church of Jesus Christ, according to His definition, is a movement and not a monument. Once we are born again as believers, our mission and assignment is to make sure someone else hears the gospel and receives the power of God for their lives!

What happened to the church that we got caught up in designer labels and cars and houses, instead of the search for someone to preach to? Since when did the gospel become a job and a business, to the point where ministers wouldn’t preach unless they could be promised an honorarium?

What has happened to the passion for souls that would cause people to take their whole families to undeveloped countries to live among the people and learn their language for the privilege of bringing them to Jesus Christ?

Believers have been sold a false notion of what the church is, and now they think it is there for their own convenience, such that some won’t even attend church if their favorite pastor isn’t there to preach to them! They go around seeking a blessing instead of seeking someone to minister to! They are waiting to see someone heal the sick and perform a miracle, when by now it should be they who are healing the sick and releasing the power of God so that the miraculous can happen in someone’s life!

El-Shaddai family, I have to ask you this question, “What will you do with your life to work out your salvation and give the purposes of God the advantage? If God sends you will you go?”

It’s not the time to look at Star and me and form an opinion about what we are doing, it is time for you to answer those questions FOR YOURSELF!

You may not know everything, and you may not be perfectly whole yet, but you know enough to make a difference. Will you stand up and be counted?

You might not be able to go to Cape Town or Johannesburg, but you can go to support El-Shaddai Dallas when it launches in September. You can sow your seed and serve in the church so that someone will hear the gospel. You can take some flyers and pass them out to people in the streets and talk to them about Jesus, and then pray for them. You can stay out of strife, and love others with all your heart as you determine to join the Love Revolution. It’s easy to criticize and pull others down, but we are called to lift all of humanity. Whose life will be raised to higher ground because you lived?

If these things seem too strong and the things that are happening at El-Shaddai right now don’t fit with your idea of how church should be, let me explain this: The church of Jesus Christ is an amazing, anointed army, built on the foundation of the apostle, who is the wise master builder, or the architect. God has given to me the assignment of the architect – to strategize and create a foundation for Him to work in the nations of the world, so that the churches we build will be built according to His order and instruction.

So many Christians nowadays are just setting up something at will and calling it the church, but there is no architect, no strategy and no blueprint. That is why we see little spiritual fires springing up randomly, and dying out again, because as soon as we try and put weight on those churches, they collapse. They are not built on the right foundation.

I am not primarily a local pastor – my assignment is to the nations, to strategize and to lay foundations before the construction team come in to build after me. That is the grace that is upon my life, and I have determined that if God gives me an assignment he will be able to count on me to do it.

How about you?

The time has come to yield to His will and purpose in the Earth.

Please take time to listen to the message that is available via this link, where I have laid out all these things in full. Listen right to the end, because God will minster to you as you enter into the realm of surrendering to Him.

And right now I declare, that as you pour out your life as a drink offering, you will see God move in your life like never before. There has never been a single human being who has left anything in order to prioritize the Kingdom of God, who has not received much more – in this life.

I minster the grace of God to you. As you respond to this call, be made whole, be restored and may the hand of the Lord rest upon you and your family, so that you may rise up and fulfil the plan of God for your life, as you set yourself to bless humanity.


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2 Comments on A Strategy To Reach A Generation

  1. Count me in Lord, I yield to you.

  2. Amen and amen for that we pray we also have El Shaddai centre in North West I would have gone for evangelism giving people flyers for them to come to church.

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