The season for the rain is here!

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Sometimes I have a hard time convincing Christians that the anointing of God is for them, and not just for the so-called Christian big shots! This generation has turned church into a place for pastor celebrities and taught the believers in the congregation that they are there to spectate.

Yet the book of Joel is very clear where it says, “I will pour out my Spirit on ALL flesh…”

You don’t have to be a minister to have the anointing of Philip and to perform special miracles. You don’t have to be a pastor or a prophet for the hand of the Lord to come on you to where you heal the sick and raise the dead right there at your workplace!

The power of God is for every one of us. It’s available to us as believers and it’s time to hunger for it.

The power of God is concealed in His presence, and unlike other people, God is ready to meet with you and accept you. Most of the problems you have in life are to do with who doesn’t want or accept you, and whenever you are hindered it is always by a person. But God wants to hang around with you. Develop a passion to be around Him.

So many people are interested in the power of God, but they don’t want the presence of God. If you get bored in his presence, check your hunger for the person of Jesus Christ rather than the things He can do for you.

Any time God shows up you may well want to hide because His presence brings out the blemishes. You begin to think about what is wrong with you, because God is so good that His presence draws a contrast. That is why we have to enter in by the blood of the lamb, because we are aware that we are not worthy to be found there, but because of your brother Jesus, you can step beyond that point.

As you linger in His presence, you begin to access His anointing power. When you come into God’s presence, don’t rush away. Let the anointing come on you. There are no short cuts!

The river of water flowing from the temple in Ezekiel 47 is an amazing picture of the anointing of God. There are different levels of anointing available to you and me.

The ankle deep anointing, is on people who are always in trouble, yet, because of that anointing, never consumed.

The knee deep anointing is on people whose lives are focused on going to God in prayer. They don’t operate in any level of authority, but they know how to pray!

The waist deep anointing is characterized by a life of not being under the circumstances, but neither having mastery or dominion.

But an anointing too deep to do anything but swim, is the anointing without measure. It is the anointing that Jesus operated in, and it is available today!

The prophet Joel tells us something hugely exciting about the anointing, when talking about the former and the latter rains.

“Rain” is a metaphor for the anointing, and the latter rain is the moderate anointing that was operational under the Old Covenant. Under this anointing Moses turned the water into blood and parted the Red Sea; Daniel closed the mouths of lions and Isaiah prophesied accurately about events many hundreds of years in the future! This was no small anointing!

The latter rain refers to the anointing of the New Covenant – the anointing of Peter and Paul and all of those men and women who turned the world upside down for Jesus Christ in their generation. The latter rain is an unstoppable power for world takeover in the cause of the Kingdom of God!

The most exciting thing of all is that a time is appointed for the former and latter rains to be poured out simultaneously!

The devil wants you to show up for the battles in your life like a man showing up to a machine gun fight armed with a knife, but there is coming an anointing that will take care of everything and finally restore to you the years that the locusts have eaten.

Every one of us can sense a holy frustration right now. You can smell it and you know it is so close. You are asking the question, “When is it going to rain?”

Zechariah 10: 1 tells us to “Ask the Lord for rain in the time of the latter rain.”

This is an interesting paradox: the clouds are gathering and the rain is scheduled on God’s calendar, but even in this we have a part to play.

We are called to be like Daniel, who, while everyone else was crying about their years of captivity in Babylon, read the book of Jeremiah and discovered that the 70 year period of captivity was over. He set his face to seek God so that freedom would come about, and it did.

It is about to rain, but you ask for it. This is the way you bring about prophetic fulfillment; even though it is God’s time, you have to pray to show you are ready.

Don’t miss out and let someone else receive this anointing and not you. It’s time to process the will of God for you in prayer in His presence. It’s time to let Him draw you aside to Himself and to go deeper than ever before. It’s time to petition the Lord, “Rain on my life! Rain on my family and my loved ones. Rain on my calling and on the grace over my life.”

Tell Him, “ I want a river!” Tell Him “I am ready! Send the rain!”

“Rain on me, Lord!”

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7 Comments on The season for the rain is here!

  1. Rain on my life! Rain on my family and loved ones! Rain on my calling and on the Grace over my life! I want a River! I am Ready! Send the Rain! Rain on me, Lord! I receive the Rain, Amen!

  2. I declare and decree that I am the righteousness of God by Christ Jesus. Father I ask for the lavish pouring of the rain on my life, my family and my territory. I thank You El Shaddai for the FINISHED Works of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Rain Raining Rain Raining on me Now IN The Name of Jesus!
    Thank You JESUS Christ. Hallelujah!

  3. This was just my thoughts this morning. You have brought light to what I could not clearly understand.

  4. I want a river God send your rain. Amen and amenities.

  5. Rain on me Lord. May your anointing overflow.

  6. Rain on me Lord in the name of Jesus.R A I N on me Lord.

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