God’s strategy for blessing that overflows

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This year we are coming into a place of overflow! It is given to us in the Word and, not only that, but we can tell we are on the brink of breakthrough because God has given us a strategy for leaving behind all failure and frustration.

One of the most practical and vital parts of that strategy is to come out from the place of focusing on the challenge in hand, and to focus on the God-given vision of the answer. Most Christians are praying for God to help them with the thing that is weighing them down. They are crying out to God for an answer that has already been given, since before the foundation of the world the Lamb of God was slain for every deficiency mankind would experience. Notice that instead of allowing the pain of our situation to control us, we are to receive a revelation of the answer God has already given and direct our whole attention towards it.

Do not under estimate the power of your focus. In fact, what you give attention to is the thing that will increase and develop in your life. In Matthew 14:22-32 we read an account of when both Jesus and Peter walked on water. Maybe you have heard it taught that Peter was unstable and weak in faith because he began to sink; but in all truth we should actually be marveling at him because he walked! That was an amazing feat! So how did he do it?

Of course Jesus gave the instruction, “Come!” And you may also have heard it taught that Peter walked on the water because he was walking on that one word. The Word certainly empowered him to do the impossible, but there is more going on in this account for us to perceive and grasp hold of.  If Peter had been walking on that one Word, he would not have had any problems, since the Word was not retracted; it was constant throughout. The thing that changed was Peter’s vision, or in other words, what he was focusing on. As soon as Peter focused on what was going on around him, his power to walk began to be diminished, but all the time he had his eyes on Jesus, the Water-Walker, He was supernaturally enabled to do the same thing as Jesus was doing.

I John 3 gives us a crucial key here. It says that when we see Jesus as He really is, we will become like Him.

All the while Christians are straining to overcome in life by force of their own willpower and self-discipline, they are missing the path to breakthrough that God has set in place. As believers, we are foreordained to live a supernatural life, like our Master, Jesus, the anointed One, but this can only happen when our inner image is that of who He is, rather than the circumstances in hand. The miracle is that whatever is going on around you, you and I will become like Him as we focus on Him and all that He is; and our transformation and manifestation will be in direct proportion to the clarity with which we see Him.

It may seem too simple, but it is true! When you look at the image of the Lord in the Word, regardless of what is wrong with you, you will be transformed into the same image. In fact the whole purpose of preaching is to revel Jesus, so that while you are looking at Him you start acting in line with who you are looking at, because you will have what you say, but you will become what you see.

The Word of God is a mirror of your perfected self. When you look into it, you don’t see yourself as you are right now, you see yourself as God sees you – already conformed to the nature and ability of Jesus Himself. So as the Word is taught and dwells richly in you, and as the true nature of God strikes your spirit and revolutionizes your expectations about what is possible for you, the anointing can begin to flow like never before in your life to bring about that overflow of blessing that God has stored up for you.

Jacob understood this to such a degree that he even demonstrated it using his flock, the color of whose young he wanted to control. (Genesis 30) He caused the animals to focus on the pattern of what Jacob wanted the lambs and kids to look like as they mated, and the result was just as he desired. A supernatural change took place in the DNA of the young, despite their natural heritage. If animals can make this work, I know that you and I can. I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be outdone by a goat! Even they had the ability to bring the will of God to pass by the power of their focus!

So many Christians are without exploits. Do you feel that you are trying so hard and accomplishing so little? Like you are running on a treadmill, getting worn out and exhausted, but still in the gym?

You have expended the energy for sure; you have given enough to break into the million flow, but you haven’t seen it.  While your part is important, the problem is not in what you are doing to please God, it lies in what you are focusing on. If you have no vision of your supernatural self achieving God given results, you will be so frustrated.

There is no need for things to be that way! But it is time to examine your focus. It’s not enough for this vision of Jesus to be general; it has to be personal; it has to apply to you and your situation. It has to reach into your most intimate self-perception and sense of identity, so that the efforts you put in are supernaturally charged with His power, and, your vision speaks for itself because it manifests in your life. It will be with great joy that you will say of Jesus, “As He is, so am I in this world!”

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2 Comments on God’s strategy for blessing that overflows

  1. As He is, so I am in this world, Amen!

  2. Quite encouraging – Amen

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