Go Again!

When God looked at creation and said that it was good the only reason He could do so was because it reflected what was on the inside of Him. He recognized what He saw as being an expression of His dream for creation. In the same way, your life and mine won’t be good until it resonates with what you had intended as you seek to bring to pass the will of God for your life

This year God has highlighted five key things for us to do to be able to experience a life that gives testimony to His goodness, as we start to live in the overflow of His power.

The first of these, and maybe the hardest for some, is that we are to move forward and go again in the exact area where things haven’t worked before!

You’ve tried to receive the healing, get the house, fix the relationships, get your kids together, get the job and the promotion and to get your business off the ground; you did your best to operate under that grace and anointing, to break into that industry or to get that education, but you hit challenges and it simply didn’t happen. Maybe within yourself you have almost shelved that dream for good, but before you consign yourself to failure let’s talk about a few things.

Jesus told us in John 16:33 that all the time we live in this world we will face troubles. Challenges are a normal part of life. In fact, the only ones without challenges are those who are resting in their graves! It is peaceful out there – no one is calling them, and no one is giving them grief. The fact that you are feeling pain means that you are alive; and to the living there is hope!

Psalm 34:19 tells us that the afflictions of a righteous person are many, but that the Lord will deliver us out of them all. If you’re waiting for all your challenges to go before you can be blessed, you should change your expectation! We will certainly be delivered out of every affliction, but even in their presence, God will prepare a table for us!

The miracle of walking with God is that believers THRIVE IN THE MIDST OF CHALLENGES!

Imagine your life as a vessel on the ocean. Jesus has given you hope as an anchor for your soul. James chapter three uses the same analogy to describe your life, when it talks about your tongue being the rudder of your ship.

You sail out on a vast ocean of water, which flows all around you, but as long as the water stays outside the boat, you can still have a party in your boat in the midst of the ocean! The trouble can be all around you, but you can have peace that passes all understanding. You don’t act in a way that is consistent with your circumstances, because you are not governed by your environment, you are governed by what the Word says about you and about your future. Peace isn’t ever found in your circumstances, in money, or even in a relationship; Peace is in Jesus. When you stay vitally connected to Him, and He is the object of your passionate pursuit, you are safe, just like Jesus was, who slept in the midst of a storm. It seems like you have lost your mind because everyone is expecting you to crack under the pressure, but instead you prevail, and you watch your Heavenly Father use those exact pressures to make a way up for you!

You see, challenges are necessary for you to become maximized in who you are supposed to be. Troubles are like equipment in the gym; the resistance they provide causes you to make a demand on your potential like nothing else! Someone else would have become bitter against God and the whole world if they had to deal with the pressures that you deal with every day; if they had to raise the child you are raising, or if they had to go through what you are going through, they wouldn’t have made it. But you are still here and you will win! The challenges didn’t come to destroy you; they came so that you could be set up by God for the next level of blessing that is coming your way.

We need to become like Joseph who recognized that, even though the enemy sent the trouble to take you down, God meant it for your good, and is well able to turn it for your advantage.

When Jesus said in John 16:33 that we would face trouble in this world, He also said something else after it. He said the biggest word in the whole of the English language: BUT! When you say the word “but” in the middle of a sentence, you effectively cancel out everything that has gone before it and replace it with whatever comes next.

If I say to my wife, “I love you, darling, but…..” the message of my love gets completely lost as she listens to hear what is going to come after that “but”!

Whatever the devil has been working on is not going to be as significant as what the Lord will do!

It’s time to get your joy back and declare, “God will do it again in my life!”

The season of laughter is here again. I forbid you to accept the invitation to sink into depression this year. If you have tried and failed in the past, remember that there is really no such thing as failure – there are only outcomes. You simply keep going in life until you get the outcome you want.

The most powerful reason why I give my all to Jesus is because He is the undisputed Champion of Heaven and Earth. He and the devil are not locked in an ongoing battle, Jesus has ALREADY overcome the world! Whatever it looks like right now, we don’t entertain losing; losing simply isn’t an option, because Jesus HAS ALREADY overcome the world. He has already overcome that sickness, those financial challenges, that mental turmoil, all that abuse and misuse, and everything else that the devil can cook up!

Just as God flipped Joseph’s story completely around in just 24 hours, so Heaven is working on something that will blow your mind.

Set your mind on what HE will do today, and let there be a silly grin on your face, as you go for it again. And this time – DON’T GIVE UP! YOU WIN!


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6 Comments on Go Again!

  1. Windmill, Denise // January 18, 2016 at 8:29 am // Reply

    Dear Pastor
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful uplifting message. I know you are incredibly busy but thank you so much for finding the time to email us and to be such a blessing.

    God Bless you.

  2. I am not giving up! Thank you Sir for encouraging us to Go Again and I believe this time it will be different. I Win!

  3. Quite inspiring – thank you Lord

  4. Amen and amen for powerful words of wisdom am empowered,inspired and uplifted I will make it in life am a winner for sure thank you Jesus.

  5. Tiniel Matopodzi // January 27, 2016 at 3:04 am // Reply

    Amen . 2016 is for us to focus not on circumstances around us but on King Jesus . Well said Man Of God

  6. A powerful amen for that hallelujah praise be to God

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