Birthing new realities

2016 Birthing New Realities

2016 is the year for birthing new realities. This is the Word that God has spoken to me about in the latter part of 2015, for the year ahead. I am more excited about this Word than any Word I have so far preached at the turn of the year, because I know that this Word opens the door to the miraculous in all of our lives. All things are possible to him who believes.

Matthew 12:35 tells us that a person’s future blessing comes out of himself. It is true to say that everyone will one day see what he believes, since before anything is birthed outwardly, it first has to be born in our hearts.

Life doesn’t just happen; life is by design. As a born again believer you are supposed to actively create the life you want, but some people are crying about how their lives are turning out, and yet are not participating in the design process. You talk the right talk in church, “I am the head and not the tail.” But at home it is an entirely different conversation. In fact, by the time you reach your car in the parking lot, the faith and confidence you expressed in church have evaporated and you are crying again, because you reserved the right to actually believe something different from what you just finished saying you believed. Are there any honest people reading this? We shouldn’t be lying in church, and appearing to believe when it is all outward show; but it is even worse to deceive yourself, and even think you believe what God says, when really you do not.

Many people don’t even know what they believe in fact. That is like a person who is trying to get somewhere, but cannot possibly take the correct route to get there, since he doesn’t know where he is right now. If you aren’t aware of your starting point, how can you map out your route to your desired destination?

If you believe that all men are dogs, and yet you don’t even know why you find it hard to attract a good man, how will you ever be married? You will find yourself among the dogs!

If you believe you are unworthy, how will you ever rule and reign in life? The main trouble it that you aren’t even aware that you have so far failed to grasp that we are ALL unworthy and that is why Jesus came, even though you say you already know these things.

In the light of that, let me ask this one thing, “What do you really believe about yourself and your future?”

When the clock turned past midnight on December 31st 2015, everyone celebrated a New Year. 2016 has the potential to be the best, most rewarding year that you have ever had – filled with overflowing blessings – but since you are going to be the creator of these things, based on what you believe, the first thing that has to happen is that you have to get the overflow into your own heart. The only way that 2016 is going to be different to 2015 is if you believe something different.

What have the events of 2015 led you to believe about yourself? Make no mistake, everything that happens to you also instructs you. Many things let you know that you have been assigned a little chair in life and if you don’t fill your heart with the promises of God, you will wind up believing that such is life for people like you.

I understand the pain of life’s disappointments, and the sickening hurt of deferred hope. I know what it is like to feel stranded and wonder if the cycle of sameness will ever break. But I have also learnt that if you will stick with the Word you will always come back with a testimony!

If you went through some troubled waters in 2015, and if you failed to take delivery of what you had set out to believe for, don’t let the depression settle in your heart. We have the choice to believe what we don’t see.

Thomas said he wouldn’t believe until he saw it; but he could have chosen to believe without seeing. You can choose to have the best year yet. Don’t check your circumstances first before you decide what you believe, simply take God at His Word this year.

Deuteronomy chapter 8:2 says, “I humbled you to test you to know what was in your heart.” This wasn’t so that God could find out what was in your heart, but so that YOU could. Until you know yourself, you are not ready to graduate.

What is in your heart? Everything that will slow up tomorrow is already in your heart and it is based on what you believe. If you are going to see the goodness of God, it is going to have to be in your heart. I believe God even without any evidence. That is what you are supposed to do, and that is what will bring you a different result in 2016.

In 2016 you will give birth to some brand new realities. It will not be the same-old, same-old, because the very fact that you are reaching to grasp this Word means that you are tired of just a little talk at church, and now you are ready to believe something that will shift your challenges. Get ready for overflow in every area of your life!












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4 Comments on Birthing new realities

  1. This has helped me so much in this season I am. It’s good to know that in 2016, it is what I believe that I will see. Therefore, it is wise to make the best choice on what to believe and also to believe before I even see the evidence. Thank you Sir for encouraging us and showing us how to get the best results. Blessings.

  2. Very uplifting words

  3. Amen for powerful guidelines which will help us throughout 2016. Thank you Pastor your word gave me all strength hallelujah.

  4. I am Lauren Ludwig and my heart is so full right now, I have visited your church on Sunday Morning 27th February 2016, Cape Town South Africa. Even if you are married I’m going to say I really like you because you know why? I see Jesus in you in fact I’m going to say I love you because God is love and the fact that your vision sees the exact thing my heart is full of for this year I believe I am going to be big and yes I have realized that it is because of the emptiness there is inside the spot for God that I am not allowing in, don’t get me wrong I love God I know and believe all that he says but if my vision see a picture of what hurt me is it because I am not letting it go it seems as if I am still seeing my child’s fathers in my vision in my future and I would love to have him in it but you saying I must not let the things that hurt me still stick with me . I was in tears from the minute I stepped into the church on Sunday because of the Holy Spirit and because I want to heal and that the hole is so big it hurts please pray for me and I would like to hear back from you

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