Your Nail in a sure place

12-20-15 18There are two profound realizations that have changed my life. Realizing that God is right, and realizing that He can be completely trusted!

It took me a long time to conclude that God is right on everything. I fought against that for a long time, trying to find different ways of doing things, other than what He says, just to try it out! But finally I came to the point of resigning and admitting that God’s way is the right way!

God’s Word is His character and so His Word can always be trusted. Some of the same things that are painful now, with time will become your greatest joy later. Before you change your doctrine to line up with your challenges, stick with the Word! If you stay with the Word, you will come back with a testimony because God will never mismanage your life.

Maybe you feel that some things that happened in 2015 were nothing short of a disaster! Maybe you have been unable to perceive God working in your life and you feel discouraged about the year that is almost over. I am here to tell you not to panic or give in to bewilderment or depression. Instead you must look at your year with a different perspective.

What do I mean by that? Well, Jonah was swallowed by a whale, and everyone assumed he was a rebellious failure, but God was setting him up to be a prophetic picture of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

If you look at your year from a humanistic perspective, there are certainly going to be some things that don’t make sense! It didn’t make sense that Mary was pregnant without knowing a man; people thought she was lying, but much later they understood that she wasn’t. If your entire life makes sense, and you can explain everything, you are walking in the flesh! Those of us who are led by the spirit know that He is like a wind, taking our lives in the direction of God’s will.

It might look like a tragedy that they rejected you, but later you will see that if you had stayed part of that cozy clique, you would not have connected to your destiny. It might have been painful to you that they fired you, but God sees a bigger picture. The waits that you are experiencing are all to do with Him aligning your life for greater opportunities and bigger victories.

Isaiah 22:22 Is a Messianic prophecy that talks about Jesus as a nail in a sure place on whom all the articles of the temple hang. This is the reason why Jesus is to be completely trusted – because the concerns of our lives don’t even hang on ourselves, and our own worth, but they hang on Jesus.

You may be in a place where everything is shaking, but Jesus is your nail in a sure place. Don’t panic! You assume it is going to get worse, but it can only go so far. You are held by a nail in a sure place and God has got you. He is the reason for our hope and even though the Heavens and the Earth will one day pass away, His Word will never pass away – not one tiny bit of it!

If you are feeling as though 2015 had more closed doors than open ones, don’t be despondent. Some of your greatest blessings in 2015 have been the doors have shut: the people who you couldn’t explain why they didn’t want you; the opportunities that you were unable to see until they had gone past. You knew it could have happened, but it didn’t happen; you knew you were smart enough, and you are feeling bad about it, but I have news for you, this was not an accident! This is because you have a nail in a sure place. You are held by a nail and even though a nail seems insubstantial, you are bolted to the Rock of Ages! He will never let you go.

In addition to all that, hear this: there were some doors that opened for you and you didn’t have the courage or the presence of mind to know that they were open. I am telling you now that those of you who will plead your case before God in these next nine days, before the year is over He will give you back those doors you missed. In nine days every open door that you missed is coming back!

Right now, readjust your perception – stop seeing your life through your eyes! We are not like the world, we have been bought with a price. Don’t interpret the events of this year based on your limited understanding, but lose the fear! Our God will take care of us!

You have 9 days to stake your claim. It’s time to reset your faith and believe Him again to meet your need.

Pray it right now, “In the name of Jesus I release my faith to receive every open door that I may have missed, and I believe that I have the wisdom, the courage and the presence of mind to see the open door and to walk through it. Thank you Lord!”


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7 Comments on Your Nail in a sure place

  1. This is really enlightening! Thank you Sir.

  2. Thankyou very much for the word. Its now that I believe that Jehova’s word and way is the best in ones life.
    You have encouraged me more.I wait for him to work out great things in my life. I need to endure this loneliness right now. I need a partner that God will approve

    stay blessed

  3. Praise God… He knows what have been in “my being” the refusal of being content with my stance currently at 9 days left of 2015. Pastor thanks so much for obeying, your message is proof to me to keep believing /trusting /expecting , and it tells me it’s the Spirit within seeing whats’ to come for me.

  4. Amen and amen for that powerful preaching it was powerful and meant for me hallelujah

  5. Yes you have said it all pastor God bless you

  6. Thsnk you Lord for the powerful message through your messenger. Comes at a time when I was lost and unsure . Lord let it bear fruits in me for ever& ever

  7. Timothy Beloved. // January 12, 2017 at 3:10 am // Reply

    Hallelujah. Am always blessed by the word on this website. Thank you pastor Ramson. The word of God through your lips is very practicle and very applicable.May the LORD always bless you and increase you.

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