It’s crunch time!


When Pharaoh let the Israelites out of Egypt, God looked at them to see whether they could handle the giants on the short route to the good land He had prepared for them, or if they would have to go the long route to avoid the worst of the confrontations.

It was crunch time in deciding how their lives were going to play out from this point onwards, and the interesting thing is that Pharaoh was no longer a factor. They had a fresh chance and a golden opportunity to lay hold on the fullness of what was theirs. But God saw that they lacked the courage to face the issues that would need to be dealt with along the way, and had to allow them to go into the wilderness.  He realized that if they saw war, they would return to Egypt.

When you get another chance in life, the issue that stares you in the face is courage. Will you blame what happened to you as if that still has a hold on you? For the believer, you really can’t pull out the excuse card anymore, because of the total power of the blood of Jesus to deal with the things that held you down.  Whatever happened it is over. You have another chance, and it’s time to grasp it with both hands!

If you will be courageous, you can take 12 days! It’s a frustrating thing for God to have to send you via the long route, while you learn how to yield to His leading and trust Him for your victory.

Are you going to take 20 years to make 6 figures when you can get there in months?

Are you going to be keep fighting to be proved right all the time, or will you have harmony in your relationships?

How many times will you have to get fired before you face the reasons why it keeps happening, and do something about your mediocre performance? How long will you stay on your own before you realize that others don’t want to be straightened out by you all the time? How long will it be before you pick up the phone to your estranged child and apologize?

If you don’t want to take the long route, you will have to be courageous. What are the pending issues of your life? What should you have confronted by now?

You can’t keep saying yes to that man who still calls himself your boyfriend every time he comes knocking at your door. Your body might be saying, “Yes” but you have to say, “No”. God will not violate your will; you will have to make the decision. No one else can let God have His way in you except you.

You need to be courageous. Are you going to go round the houses, or face your issues?

Notice that courage is what God is looking for. Courage will enable God to move you forward quickly. It will release the promise of God over your life.

Depression, on the other hand, is a form of losing your courage. If you sink into depression concerning the things that keep you in the place of defeat, you will stay there. Medication will only sedate you; the lasting answer to the depression that plagues you, is to change your perspective on the things that hem you in. In order to do that you will have to get hold of a clear picture of the good place that God will take you to, which is your Promised Land, from the Word of God, and be like Caleb when he said, after the 40 year delay that the Israelites experienced in the wilderness, “Give me this mountain”. He had his courage and his faith stirred up, and you can too!

Who told you that when it gets hard you have to bolt? Or dig your heels in and hide? Courage says, “I’m scared, but I’m keeping on going!”

When a giant comes over the horizon, its assignment is to mock the promise of God over your life, just as Goliath did every day when he came to challenge Saul’s army. David was the only one who was willing to act in courage, with no assurance of winning; but he walked away with the prize and his promotion was swift and significant.

It’s going to take courage to proceed to victory. If you decide to be courageous, all of Heaven will stand at attention.

You set your heart and keep it set. When you decide, “This year I am going to own my own house and pay it off in the same year,” there is something supernatural that will rise up on the inside of you. You will be as bold as a lion.

It’s time for unlimited possibility. It’s time for you to say for yourself, “I am ready” even though you don’t feel ready.

Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister precipitated victory in the 2nd World War when almost all the European countries had fallen, because He came on the radio and said, “We will never surrender!” every day. He grabbed hold of the English language and marshaled it into war.

That is what you have to do. You have to win the war with your words. When fear shows up, let that challenge know that it is uncircumcised and today you will cut off its head! Don’t take it lying down! Declare it: “He is my refuge and salvation. Whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life, of whom shall I be afraid?”

Rise up again because the Lord will help you. Choose courage instead of fear today and let God show Himself strong on your behalf!



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9 Comments on It’s crunch time!

  1. Today I choose courage and I will not surrender! Thank you Sir!

  2. Harrison Manyoma // December 3, 2015 at 1:17 pm // Reply

    Amen. Great Word Pastor. Truly a victory in all that God has for us as His children. I declare and decree and claim Victory in all things and in who I am in Christ. I claim Victory in my entire family and extended family.


  3. KimberlyBloom // December 3, 2015 at 2:48 pm // Reply

    Thank you Pastor for being the prophet and the mighty man of God … I appreciate you “calling it” and because you “called it “I’m “calling it”

    It’s time for unlimited possibility . AND I’M READY!

  4. Ms Kimberly Bloom // December 3, 2015 at 2:53 pm // Reply

    Thank you so much Pastor Mumba for being my Shepard and Man of God..
    You called it
    So I’m gonna call it!
    I AM READY! It is time for Unlimited Possibilities

    It’s time

  5. victoria kacheche // December 3, 2015 at 5:06 pm // Reply

    Amen!you av spoken to me…am encouraged

  6. Wow powerful preaching full of strong and powerful encouragement. Amen and amen for that hallelujah.

  7. Amen and amen Pastor for powerful words of encouragement praise be to God I feel strengthened hallelujah.

  8. Amen.Instead of 40 years I am taking 12 days to my wealthy place.I decree and declare no more delays in my life in Jesus name.The devil has had his last laugh and it is now my turn to laugh with his head in my hands.Thank you Jesus for giving me COURAGE TO STEP OUT!!!

  9. This morning, these were the same thoughts I was having. I read this WordPress and was like, this is it! God requires my faith and my courage. I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living before this year is even out because I am determined to give God something to work with.

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